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Productcaster is a Comparison Shopping Site (CSS).

A couple of years ago, Google introduced these CSS platforms to offer a fairer shopping experience on their platform. Therefore, Google offers favourable CPC rates to advertisers who use these CSS formats.

With Productcaster, that’s up to as much as a 20% discount applied to your Google Shopping spend.

All Modo25 customers of Productcaster get a free shopping and marketplace audit.

How does Productcaster work?


In terms of changes to your usual advertising on Google, nothing much is different. Your shopping ad activity is still managed through AdWords, so there are no changes to settings, targeting or optimisation. The only difference is that your activity is now linked to a CSS merchant centre.

Your shopping Ads will appear in both the search results and the ‘Shopping’ page and the customer’s primary destination will remain completely unchanged, going straight through to the product page of the retailer.


How will I benefit?


Productcaster allows you to appear in the shopping results of a product search while being completely Google compliant. This opens up opportunities to both new and existing consumers helping you to not only increase new customers but retain repeat customers too.

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