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Day in the life of a Chief Technology Officer

Our Chief Technology Officer, Zdenek Burda, explains what his day usually consists of here at Modo25.

Zdenek Burda Chief Technology OfficerMornings as a Chief Technology Officer

I like to spend my morning catching up things from the day before and planning what needs doing in the day ahead. I primarily work on Modo25’s technology platform, BOSCO™. Working with me on this is James, Modo25’s Lead Data Scientist.

As James lives in Australia and I live in Prague, we like to have a call before the rest of the team starts for the day over in the UK. On our call, we usually review BOSCO™ to see if there have been any changes that were implemented the previous day.


Chief Technology Officer responsibilities

Throughout the day, I’m working on a variety of tasks to do with the data and code within the BOSCO™ platform. I tend to stick to four key principles when working:

  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Release

There’s a lot of work that goes into making the technology work. In fact, it takes months of planning and testing before we even release a BETA version of something. It’s important to run frequent tests to see how the code is working. Even the smallest of changes can make a huge different – whether that be positive or not.

Tools used for coding and data

Of course, working in data science and coding means there are lots of tools I need to use. In terms of planning and scheduling my day, I like to use Slack and Trello. Modo25 also uses Microsoft Teams for meetings and general conversation with colleagues.

When it comes to code, I find Visual Studio Code incredibly useful. This is an app for developing and changing code. To help alongside this, I also use Github, which is a code repository.

Since we share a lot of files and documents, Google cloud console is especially handy. For code, we use Vercel. This is a great resource for coders and frontend developers.

Talking about frontend development, I like to use NextJS which is perfect for UI (user interface) development. We use this a lot as it helps us to make BOSCO™ easier and more enjoyable for people to use. When it comes to backend development, we use Python.

Wrapping things up for the day

I find going for a walk halfway through the day helps me to feel refreshed for the afternoon. It’s also a nice break from my screen.

In the afternoon, I usually have a few more calls and or meetings to follow up with the morning’s work. Keeping in touch with colleagues is incredibly important in my role. We need to communicate a lot so that we are all on the same page in terms of the data and code.

Before I finish for the day, I like to check-in with my emails. I then spend time replying to anything important and reviewing my agenda for the next day. If I have time, I like to read tech news and blogs. This is essential for keeping on top of any changes or development in my industry. That way, I can learn and implement these things at Modo25.


Are you interested in joining Modo25? We are always on the lookout for new family members. Check out our careers page to find roles we are currently hiring for. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, drop us an email on and tell us about yourself.

Zdenek Burda - Modo25
Zdenek Burda
Zdenek Burda - Modo25
Zdenek Burda

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