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How we use SimilarWeb in our client strategy

At Modo25, we strive to empower our clients to take control of their marketing success. Together with our talented team of specialists, we use innovative software to take us to the next level with client pitches and strategies, which enables us to stand out in the competitive agency space.

What is SimilarWeb?

The SimilarWeb platform provides businesses with web analytics and offers information on their clients’ and competitors’ website traffic volumes and referral sources, including keyword analysis and demographics.

How we use SimilarWeb at Modo25

We now use SimilarWeb in all of our client pitches and in our weekly workflow; it has become a key marketing intelligence tool for reporting. It enables us to manage our client’s marketing strategies, providing insights into digital behaviour for their consumers and their competitors.

Our Performance Marketing Manager, Tom Pickard, explained more: “We started using SimilarWeb in mid-2019 and has greatly impacted our top-line.

SimilarWeb’s platform allows us to present prospects and clients with game-changing insights into their markets. We’ve closed nine new deals with the data and use it to continually add value to customers.”

The SimilarWeb platform provides in-depth data which identifies gaps in marketing strategies, as well as new business opportunities and advertising channels with less competition.

Take a look at the full case study here!

How are we different?

When it comes to digital marketing, we offer a completely unique approach to consulting. We believe we have created a third option – supported inhousing, which gives our clients the best of both worlds.

Through specialist training and development, we want to help clients grow and ultimately, with our continued guidance and support, help inhouse teams to upskill and expand.

If you’re looking for support and guidance with your digital strategy, we’d love to help! Feel free to get in touch by sending us an email to

Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper

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