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Influencer Marketing

The way we consume our media is constantly changing. Podcasts are a part of our daily lives, Instagram is now video-first and shopping orientated, while Tik-Tok influencers are growing in numbers.

We are in a new era of media consumption, where we, as consumers choose what and whom to listen to, and more importantly, whom to trust.  

As a brand, you want to target a consumer in an arena where they are influenced the most.  

This is why influencer marketing is crucial and can help build brand awareness, drive website traffic, increase word-of-mouth promotion and if used properly, drive sales revenue – strengthening your brand reputation along the way.  

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the use of partnerships, endorsements and product placements from social media individuals who have a dedicated social following and are experts within their chosen niche/sector.  

Influencer marketing is successful for brands as the influencers have a high amount of trust that they have created with their following, and partnerships from them serve as a springboard to your brand’s potential customers. 

Influencer marketing delivered by industry specialists.

We understand that influencer marketing is time-consuming and requires dedication and strong organisational skills. Our team of specialists can help from drafting contracts, to researching influencers, as well as help you build a strategy to manage.  

Our specialist influencer team have industry-leading knowledge and will help devise a KPI-driven strategy for success. 

We have several years of experience delivering successful influencer campaigns, working with a range of B2C and B2B clients across the beauty, fashion, motoring, interior and FMCG sectors. 

We’ll collaborate with you to develop and deliver a bespoke influencer marketing plan to develop long-term and successful relationships with influencers.

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How to improve your influencer marketing strategy with Modo25.

We know that in digital marketing, it can feel like there are only two options: agency or in-house. That’s where Modo25 comes into things. We offer a hybrid approach whereby our influencer marketing team collaborate with your in-house team using best practice methods and training. 

We do all the groundwork including influencer audits, developing an influencer outreach plan (organic and affiliates) and supporting content creation. From there, you can implement them in-house and learn how to best strategise these tasks going forwards. 

We continuously look for ways of improving your influencer outputs and let you know when we find something worth investing in. By maintaining close communications with internal teams, we make sure that workflow is seamlessly integrated into your day-to-day work. 

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Our team of specialists can help from drafting contracts to researching influencers, as well as help you build a strategy to manage, so you can get the most value from your influencer activity.

Our team of experts help to build an influencer strategy that will allow your brand to be seen by your target while also reaping the benefits that influencers can offer to your business.

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