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There’s no denying that social media is a core part of any digital marketing campaign. Paid social is the best way of getting seen by your audience in right place at the right time. Let us show you how we drive the digital growth of brands online so that you too can maximise your ROI.

What is paid social?

Paid social is a form of digital marketing where brands pay for their ads to be featured on social media platforms. This could be in the form of a sponsored post or an ad with an influencer. Either way, paid social media is a way of gaining mass exposure for your brand for a relatively affordable price.

Plus, using these platforms allow you to target your key audience on a granular level. This means your money is being spent more effectively and you’re more likely to see valuable returns from your spending.

Paid social services

We don’t just work across one platform; we are specialists in them all. And yes, that includes utilising emerging platforms, like TikTok. We also have specialist knowledge in industry-leading tactics that will ensure you are showing ads to the right people at the right time. Our paid social services include:


By using retargeting tactics, we can tap into your core audience by showing them ads for products they have viewed on your site. This is a great way of increasing the chance of conversion and guiding consumers along the buying journey.

Omni-channel approach 

We take the time to understand your audience and create a personalised strategic plan that will spend your budget in the best possible way on the right channels. That might mean spending more on one platform than another. Either way, we support your in-house team to identify and act on relevant opportunities.

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We’ll set you up on the right paid social platforms

Feel like you know what paid social is but you’re not sure how to use it effectively? Our team of paid social specialists will work with your in-house team to identify how your budget can be best spent when it comes to using paid social media. Paid social goes hand in hand with paid search and we can create a bespoke plan that integrates the two seamlessly.

If you aren’t already, we’ll get you set up on all the relevant social media platforms for your audience. Then, we will create a strategic plan to best use paid social campaigns to drive traffic, conversions, sales – whatever your goal is.


Our team are trained specialists in paid social for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube. So, whether you want static, dynamic or video ads, we work with you to achieve your targets.

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We’re a paid social agency with a difference

At Modo25, we understand that, as a business owner, it can feel like there are only two options when it comes to digital marketing: agency or in-house. That’s why we offer you the best of both.

Our specialists work with your team to up-skill your in-house capabilities so that you can own your marketing success.

Through ongoing training and consulting, you can rest assured that your paid social campaigns continuously give you results.

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Regular reporting and analytics

We love data at Modo25 – so much so, we even made our own paid media analytics platform, BOSCO™.

Through regular reporting, we keep you up to date with the performance of your campaigns so you can see the incremental value of your spend. Plus, with the help of our machine-learning platform, BOSCO™, you can see how you stack up against your competitors online. BOSOCO™ also allows you to play around with your budgets in our forecasting tool. So, you can test different budget splits across channels without the worry of whether or not it will pay off.

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