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Digital News to watch: SEO specialists say fewer than 40% of their recommendations are implemented

In this week’s digital news to watch, our Performance Marketing Manager Tom and Associate Director of SEO Jamie, discuss how Google is still migrating sites over to their mobile-first indexing, how only 40% of recommended SEO is actually used, how Google Ads are finally rolling out monthly spending limits, Google allowing all business to use their Customer Match feature within Ads and finally what new Ad types Linkedin is launching.

Google Mobile-First Indexing Still Not 100% Yet

Google still migrating sites over to mobile-first indexing. This process started nearly five years ago now and is still ongoing! A tweet from John Mueller indicates that there’s been a few issues with the process which has delayed things slightly, but I’d still expect this to be wrapped up by the end of the summer.

56% Of SEOs Say Fewer Than 40% Of Their SEO Recommendations Are Implemented

The majority of SEOs see less than 40% of their recommendations implemented. A Twitter poll carried out by Kristina Azarenko revealed that a significant portion of SEOs are not seeing most of their recommendations implemented, and a whopping 82% of respondents see less than 70% implemented. These results highlight the fact that SEO recommendations need to be presented in a way that resonates with everyone within an organisation and not just one or two because the sign-off process is often quite multifaceted.

Google Ads (Finally!) Rolls Out Monthly Spend Limits: What You Need to Know

Monthly spend limits are a feature that has been requested for as long as I can remember in Google Ads. Setting this will let you set the “maximum amount you can pay for a campaign over a month”. Because this is set at account level just make sure you’re accounting for all your campaigns when you set it because it will override your campaign level budget.

Google updates Customer Match, Performance Max campaigns, the Insights page, and product feeds at its Marketing Livestream event

Customer match is now open to all business sizes on Google Ads, previously it required $50,000 of account spend before this feature would be accessible. Google has also announced some changes to bidding with ROAS now available for Video Action and Discovery Ads campaigns and Performance Max campaigns which run across all Google inventory areas.

New Ad Types for LinkedIn Advertisers & More Digital Marketing News

LinkedIn is launching 2 new ad types, the first being boosted posts for your business page. If you’re familiar with boosted posts on Facebook, then you’ll be aware of how these work. Essentially paying to put more of your organic content in front of people. Alongside this is Event Ads that will allow you to promote your virtual events and use LinkedIn analytics to see who is engaging with your events.


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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
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