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Accelerating Growth: Modo25 Partners with SGS Engineering 

 It’s been another productive month here at Modo25, and in an exciting development, we have signed a 12-month contract with SGS Engineering, a leading UK online tool retailer.  

The partnership aims to leverage our digital marketing expertise to enhance SGS Engineering’s online revenue and return on investment (ROI) through a comprehensive array of digital marketing services. 

Our continued growth and influence in the retail sector has been further solidified through the collaboration with SGS Engineering, as they embark on a journey to amplify their online presence and drive sales growth. Our services will encompass a range of strategies, including SEO affiliate marketing, paid social media campaigns, paid search advertising, and digital PR strategies. 

The heart of this collaboration is designed to facilitate SGS Engineering’s strategic expansion. We will be developing and implementing a holistic digital marketing strategy that will not only boost the retailer’s digital footprint but also yield substantial ROI.  

Through this partnership, SGS Engineering aims to harness the power of digital marketing to bolster its online sales and solidify its position as a key player in the online tool retail space. 

Founded in 2003, SGS Engineering identified a gap in the market for high-quality UK-manufactured gas struts that could be easily accessed and distributed online.  

The company’s subsequent growth has been noteworthy, with operations spanning five sites in Derby and a workforce of 55 employees. The recent appointment of Neil Sansom as CEO has injected a fresh surge of online retail expertise, poised to lead the company into its next phase of expansion. 

Beyond the comprehensive digital marketing support, SGS Engineering will also benefit from the implementation of our award-winning marketing AI platform, ASK BOSCO®. The platform, created by our data scientists and in-house development team, is an AI-powered marketing analytics tool that has the potential to optimise advertising expenditure while simultaneously boosting sales. 

ASK BOSCO® aggregates data from various marketing channels into a centralised dashboard, streamlining reporting and benchmarking processes. Leveraging this data, the platform employs AI to forecast optimal media spending for maximum returns. 

Neil Sansom, CEO of SGS Engineering, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership stating, “After detailed conversations and pitches with the team at Modo25, we felt confident in their ability to deliver this with their expert knowledge, insight, and access to relevant industry tools and ASK BOSCO®. It’s been great onboarding the team at Modo25 to support our marketing vision and business growth ambitions.” 

Our founder and CEO John Readman, echoed these sentiments, emphasising the company’s eagerness to welcome SGS Engineering into their ever-expanding client base. “The in-depth data provided by ASK BOSCO® integrated with the team’s expert knowledge means we can deliver digital marketing strategies that ensure SGS Engineering is getting value for every pound they spend.”  


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Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser

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