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Affiliate and Paid Search Channels: How to get them to work together

Understanding the relationship between affiliate and paid search channels is crucial for maximising your ROI and achieving long-term success.  Recently, our Head of Paid Search Tom Pickard and Affiliate Performance Manager Claudia Pickard hosted an online webinar, shedding light on the relationship between the two channels, emphasising the need to make them work together to create a holistic marketing strategy.  To view the full webinar, please click here.

Key takeaways from the Affiliate X Paid Search webinar:

1. Understanding the relationship between Paid Search and Affiliate Channels

Tom and Claudia highlighted the significant roles played by both PPC and affiliate channels in the customer journey. While PPC often initiates customer journeys, affiliates contribute to driving conversions. Understanding how these channels interact and influence each other’s performance is essential for optimising marketing efforts.

2. Evolving Role of Affiliates

Affiliates are no longer just converters at the end of the customer journey. They can also serve as journey starters, particularly with content-focused approaches. SEO and keyword strategies now intersect with affiliate marketing, emphasising the need for a cohesive approach across channels.

3. Leveraging Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

CSS campaigns through affiliates can be effective in complementing PPC campaigns and expanding product visibility. Businesses can capitalise on this opportunity by integrating CSS campaigns into their overall marketing strategy.

4. Managing Brand Bidding

Unauthorised brand bidding by affiliates can interfere with your own PPC strategy and increase costs. Businesses must implement clear guidelines, monitor affiliate activities closely, and enforce consequences for violations to protect their brand and optimise marketing spend.

 5. Optimising Customer Acquisition Costs

Segmenting customers based on their acquisition source, especially affiliate channels, allows businesses to optimise future marketing efforts and adjust commission structures accordingly. Nurturing customers beyond sales periods and analysing their user journeys is crucial for maximising the effectiveness of affiliate marketing.

6. Collaborating Through Brand Partnerships

Collaborations between brands can leverage each other’s audiences and enhance brand awareness and loyalty. Choosing the right partners, whether influencers or content sites, is essential for maintaining brand integrity and trustworthiness.

7. Starting with Limited Budgets

For businesses with limited budgets, starting with PPC campaigns is often recommended due to the ability to control budgets and target audiences effectively. Gradually integrating affiliate marketing alongside PPC can be beneficial once brand awareness and budgets allow for it.

8. Continuous Testing and Optimisation

Continuous testing of different strategies across channels is essential for discovering what works best for the brand. Optimisation based on performance metrics and customer insights helps maximise the effectiveness of marketing efforts across all channels.

Ultimately, by understanding how these channels interact and by implementing strategies to leverage their strengths, businesses can enhance their marketing performance, optimise costs, and build stronger relationships with customers.

Want to watch the full webinar?

Check out our video below or head to our Youtube channel. 

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