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Digital news to watch: Amazon uses AI for Product Summaries

AI continues to dominate the headlines in this week’s digital round-up, with Amazon testing out AI-generated product summaries that combine customer reviews into a single summary.  Plus we look into the growing adoption of AI in PR agencies for generating creative campaign ideas and examine the impact of AI on journalism. For something less AI-focused, we explore the concept of ‘revisiting’ old marketing campaigns rather than continually creating new ones.  Meanwhile, Google has updated its Search Generative Experience to showcase Google Business Profile information, emphasizing the importance of keeping your profile up to date. We also explore the implications of a new beta feature in Google Ads for broad match keywords and discuss Apple’s Link Tracking Protection feature aimed at enhancing user privacy.

Amazon use AI for product summaries test 

Amazon has long used AI and machine learning to deliver targeted ads and recommendations to shoppers, and they have now confirmed they are testing AI-generated product summaries in their Shopping app. The summaries are pulled in from customer reviews of the products and feature a mixture of positive and negative comments. This is likely to be a big help for users who like to look to user generated reviews to make their buying decisions; they no longer have to trawl through hundreds of reviews but will have them all condensed into one little snippet. It is yet to be seen what impact this will have on sales though.

Amazon has also confirmed that they are “significantly investing in generative AI across all of our businesses” so there is likely much more use of AI to come from Amazon.

New isn’t necessarily better – why you should revisit your old marketing campaigns

Sometimes the best new campaign you can run is an old one. This interesting article caught our eye as it highlights the discussion that new isn’t always better when it comes to marketing. The writer highlights the effectiveness of revisiting a successful campaign from years ago prior rather than creating a less effective campaign from scratch and also goes on to highlight that campaigns created before your time might not necessarily be bad.  Also, rather than a campaign ‘wearing out’ sometimes its impact gets better and better – think of ‘Holidays are Coming’ from Coca Cola for example.   A marketer’s job is to understand the data from historical campaigns and select the best opportunities for them or their clients.

Google Business Profile updates – make sure your profile is kept up to date! 

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) has been updated to show photos and information provided in Google Business Profile to users within its AI-generated responses to local and travel searches. This gives even more reason, if there wasn’t enough before, to make sure your Google Business Profile (previously named Google My Business) is kept up to date and features quality images and reviews. Read more here

New beta feature in Google Ads for broad match keywords 

In a recent update to Google Ads, a new beta feature has been introduced allowing advertisers to opt into using broad match keywords as a campaign setting. Many believe the removal of keyword match types has been coming for a while and this adds credence to those rumours. The beta feature aims to help advertisers reach a wider audience by allowing their ads to show for search terms related to their chosen keywords. However, caution is advised as broad match keywords can sometimes lead to irrelevant impressions. Advertisers need to closely monitor their campaigns and utilise negative keywords to ensure their ads are shown to the most relevant audience.

Link Tracking Protection from Apple to enhance user privacy

Apple has introduced a new feature called Link Tracking Protection, which is automatically activated in Mail, Messages, and Safari’s Private Browsing mode. This feature detects user-identifiable tracking parameters in link URLs and removes them to enhance user privacy. Advertisers and analytics firms often use tracking parameters to monitor user activity across websites, but this method can bypass Safari’s standard intelligent tracking prevention. Apple aims to curb this behavior by automatically identifying and removing identifying parts of the URL, while leaving the rest intact for users to reach their intended web page. Additionally, Apple offers an alternative solution called Private Click Measurement, enabling advertisers to measure campaign success without revealing individual user activity. Read about it here.

More than half of PR agencies are using AI to help generate creative campaign ideas

As the world of AI continues to flourish, a recent survey by PRWeek has found that creative chiefs at UK PR agencies see the potential for AI to be used in their work, with over half (57 per cent) already putting this into practice. AI tools can support creative teams in the ideation stage to come up with creative campaigns for clients. Read more on the recent survey here.

The Impact of AI in Journalism

In a recent podcast, for PRMoment, it was discussed in detail the impact that AI will have on journalism and the ripple effect that this will have across PR teams, newsrooms and the news that we all consume. Misinformation is one of the biggest concerns and the impact this will have and how measures need to be in place to protect people against this. Listen to the podcast here.

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Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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