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Modo25 shortlisted for two UK Digital Growth Awards

We’re thrilled to reveal that we have been shortlisted for two UK Digital Growth Awards.

Both nominations are a result of both our hard work and that of our wonderful clients, Low Cost Glasses and Future Present.

Future Present for B2B PPC campaign of the Year award

Future Present is clear about who their main customers are. They work with marketing businesses or marketing departments within an existing business. These can range from small owner-managed to larger, blue-chip organisations. 

Working closely with Future Present, we devised a strategy that would generate a customer funnel. This funnel would start at the ‘awareness’ phase that would then move towards leads and sales. 

Since May, Future Present has made a 100% increase in investment Modo25 have worked hard to reduce the cost per lead by 51% and results to date show a 420% increase in monthly leads generated. 

By broadening the reach, the volume of leads has also increased and so too has the quality. We continue to sustain our work with Future Present and look to celebrating their future growth.   

“They worked hard to really understand us, our products, our audiences and why they would buy from us. And their strategic approach has really paid dividends for us. Our lead flow from PPC has never been stronger or of such high quality.”  – Lyndon Nicholson, CEO of Future Present 

Low Cost Glasses for Integrated Search Campaign of the Year award

Targeting prescription glasses wearers, we created a strategy to find new customers through increased brand awareness of this newcomer to the market. We did this through targeted remarketing and an affiliate strategy that converted the audience into new customers.  The longer-term aim was to gain repeat customers and retain this growing client base.  

Our holistic view across the data, and putting in place a bespoke attribution model, meant we had a full understanding of how the different channels are driving return on investment. This led to betterinformed decisions on where the budget needs to be invested.  

Through our data and insight obsession, we worked alongside Low Cost Glasses to achieve a 319% increase in revenue  as well as a 169% growth in new users to the website.  On top of that, there was also a 54% rise on the average order value across all channels and the website is up 140% in organic traffic.

We are in a very competitive industry. As a disrupter, we really need to punch above our weight. And I feel that we’re getting the support and the strategy to achieve that with Modo25.”  – Sergio Weingarten, CEO of DD Frames Ltd (Low Cost Glasses) 

We’re incredibly proud of not just our own teams but our clients’ teams too. We work with our clients to help grow and develop their digital marketing. The results we have seen in a relatively short space of time is amazing and we look forward to seeing what happens on the night of the UK Digital Growth Awards 2020.

If you’re looking for support with your digital marketing or would like an informal chat about how we can support you, drop us an email today on

Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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