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Black Friday 2023: How Digital PR is crucial for retailers ahead of the ‘Golden Quarter’

As Brits prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers are in the final stages of preparation for what is set to be the busiest shopping period of the year – with an estimated £5.6 billion set to spent in the UK.

Beyond the discounts and sales, savvy retailers understand the importance the PR has had in building anticipation and awareness for their brand for Black Friday.

In the following blog post, we’ll discuss why PR isn’t just an add-on but a must for retailers striving to have a successful Black Friday as they go into the ‘Golden Quarter’.


Using PR to construct your narrative

Black Friday is a crowded space for retailers – everyone is clamouring for consumers’ attention – so getting your narrative and messaging spot on is key.

By ensuring that your PR messaging has been created to resonate with your target audience; sharing the important information you need to share with your audience around the brand, products, and Black Friday offerings that not only capture attention but leave an impression amidst the noise of deals.

Utilising PR to articulate unique value propositions allows retailers to leave an impression on consumers, laying the groundwork for Black Friday success.


Build a buzz

Building anticipation ahead of Black Friday is important for brands and PR is a key component in creating this. Through the strategic plan of press releases, media partnerships, and social media content, retailers can create a buzz that elevates their exclusive deals to rock-star status.

Sharing sneak peeks, limited time offers, and teasers of what will be available for Black Friday will all play a role in creating an atmosphere of anticipation.

PR can help retailers make Black Friday offers a highly anticipated event, ensuring a surge in demand and interest.


Brand enhancement

Beyond being a stock clearance event, Black Friday is a chance for retailers to enhance their brand image.

PR gives retailers the tools to communicate their key brand messages. Transparent communication about a retailer’s Black Friday offering and USP can build trust with consumers.

By weaving their USPs and brand messaging into their narrative, retailers can utilise PR to reinforce their brand image, creating a positive perception that goes beyond Black Friday.


Enhance customer experience

Every retail strategy needs to have a deep understanding and focus on fulfilling customers’ needs. PR gives retailers the opportunity to showcase their customer-centric approach on Black Friday.

From personalised promotions, customer service initiatives, or exclusive loyalty rewards – PR around Black Friday gives retailers the opportunity to amplify these efforts.

By strategically communicating that customer experience is at the core of their Black Friday strategy, retailers not only attract new shoppers but also foster loyalty among their existing customer bases.


Crisis comms

Black Friday is fast-moving and competitive with lots of retailers working overtime for it to be a success.

Unforeseen challenges like website crashes, delivery issues and inventory mistakes can easily disrupt a shopper’s experience. Having a robust PR strategy can ensure that a retailer can expertly manage any crisis communications that can arise during the Black Friday period.

A well-prepared crisis communication plan, executed with transparency and empathy, can turn pitfalls into opportunities for retailers. By proactively addressing issues, retailers can maintain trust.

To ensure Black Friday 2023 is an overall success, integrating PR into the retail strategy isn’t just a ‘nice to have’; it’s a necessity.

From shaping brand messaging to building a buzz, improving and maintaining brand image, enhancing customer experience and steering crisis communication, PR plays a multifaceted role in ensuring retailers thrive, not just on Black Friday but the whole ‘golden quarter’ of the retail trading period.

If you’d like support with your digital PR in 2024, or you’d like to discuss how you can take your digital marketing inhouse, contact the team at Modo25 – or simply drop us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat.

Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser

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