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Why does your business need CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)? 

You may have a consistent traffic flow feeding to your website but the real question is if it’s converting or not. This is where a CRO analyst’s job comes in. CRO experts track large datasets of conversion rates and compare them against the bounce rates to establish how a website, email campaign, paid adverts and much more are performing. 

 It’s a common misconception that user experience and CRO are the same thing, however, there are some significant differences. UX as an umbrella definition covers how easy a website is to navigate and targets the creative side of the brain. CRO on the other hand is the methodical process of testing and focuses on how to get consumers to convert or takefgdttff an action that benefits the business as a whole. For example, buying a product or signing up to a newsletter, etc.  

So, what are the benefits of CRO? 

“Experimentation should be at the cornerstone of any business looking to maximise their performance in 2022, whether it’s proving concept on a new website or boosting your quality scores in PPC. CRO can help unlock the full potential of your website” – Luke McDermott, Head of CRO at Modo25. 

Get the highest return possible on your ad spend 

How much of your marketing budget you lay aside for adverts can be highly dependent on how well your previous adverts have performed in relation to how much was spent on them. However, there are many variables that need to be considered. For example, something as simple as keeping the messaging between your adverts and your landing pages consistent can have a huge impact on your advert’s performance.  

What if we said to you that by investing in CRO, you can improve your return rate by an extra 10-15%. A CRO expert will be able to highlight the optimum layout of your landing pages and adverts to drive your performance and maximise conversions.  

 Improve your click-through rate 

CRO experts will be able to line up your company messaging from your adverts with your landing pages to improve click-through rate. Having a well optimised, clear message that sits in line with the landing pages will generate the best response from consumers. 

Amplify your average order value 

A CRO expert will have many tricks up their sleeve when it comes to optimising adverts and landing pages for maximum conversions. They can work out with tools such as heat maps and UX analysis of consumer behaviour patterns on sites. This information is analysed and used to alter landing pages to increase purchase intent. Testing new things such as messaging, layout and even redesigning landing pages can be a great indication of how much extra revenue these changes can convert to and what additional products and services your consumers may be interested in. 

Reduced spend on redesigning your landing pages 

Many companies spend large amounts of their marketing budget on redesigning their landing pages with limited success in increasing their conversion rates. It’s a common misconception to adopt the approach that consumers want bright colours and moving parts, however, this is not always the case. A CRO will analyse consumer data, highlight consumer pain points and establish what is the best move for that business and its consumers. 

The importance of investing in CRO 

The benefits of investing in a good CRO strategy are clear, however, where is the evidence to show whether it’s worth your time?  

As an industry average, companies without a strong CRO strategy in 2021 saw: 

  • only 6/10 people reach the product pages in an e-commerce journey 
  • An average of 29% of users abandoned cart during purchasing a product 
  • Less than 5% of users reach the checkout in a website visit 

It is a CRO experts’ job to improve these scores. Companies that have invested in a strong CRO strategy see, on average, 8/10 people reaching product pages, 18% increase in conversion rates for e-commerce websites and a 23% increase in lead generation websites. 

If you have any questions on how to improve your company’s CRO strategy or would like to know how one of our CRO experts could help you optimise your campaigns and landing pages, please get in touch with us at 

Phoebe Scholtens - Modo25
Phoebe Scholtens
Phoebe Scholtens - Modo25
Phoebe Scholtens

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