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Digital news to watch: AI and its impact on the marketing industry

ChatGPT and the use of artificial intelligence are dominating the headlines at the moment and if you haven’t heard of it or even tried it – where have you been?! We can promise you that this series isn’t written by AI, our trusty PPC and SEO gurus Kylie and Tom have been searching for the top stories in digital marketing. In this week’s news, retail media is proving its value, we get an insight into the future of ChatGPT and Google has removed podcast search results.

Retail media proves its value despite ad spending slowdown

We’ve mentioned retail media a few times in 2022 but things show no sign of slowing down in 2023. As retail itself slowed in December, retail media continued as the fastest-growing digital channel. With retailers looking to shore up their finances in what is expected to be a tough year, the speed of retail media rollouts will continue to increase.

AI and its impact on the marketing industry

ChatGPT has been the talk of the town for the last few months. But recently, it’s started to capture the attention of senior business leaders. 2023 is without a doubt going to be the year of generative AI businesses. The race is on to secure funding and customers for these projects with the goal of saving time and money for all involved. ChatGPT might have been the first to capture the attention of the masses but it won’t be the last.

Google’s parent company Alphabet to cut 12,000 jobs

Big tech is making big layoffs over the last few weeks. Following news from Microsoft and Amazon, Alphabet cut 12,000 jobs. It looks like the majority of tech companies hire significantly through covid and are now starting to cut these numbers back down as the world economy worsens. So far it looks like a lot of these cuts came in non-marketing areas with AR and VR seeming to suffer the most.

OpenAI’s CEO provides insights into the future of GPT-4

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, has given some insight into the future of GPT-4 in a recent podcast. He revealed the likelihood that the AI will become multimodal in the near future, meaning users will be able to interact with the AI in other ways than just via text input. Another thing OpenAI are aiming for is for the AI to be able to self-improve.

Although neither of the capabilities mentioned above have been promised in time for GPT-4, this definitely gives us an indication of where this tool is going.

Google removes Podcast search results indicating shift towards YouTube

Google has removed embedded podcasts from their SERPs, meaning users can no longer listen to individual podcast episodes straight from the results page. Google didn’t provide any prior notice to this change but it indicates a shift towards promoting podcast listening on YouTube, rather than Google Podcasts, a product which hasn’t been updated in the last 18 months.

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Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Senior Performance Marketing Manager

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