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Digital News to Watch: Amazon Prime Video ads begin rolling out

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly digital marketing news roundups, where our expert team brings you the latest exciting developments in the world of digital marketing. This week, we explore how Amazon Prime Video has started rolling out ads on the platform and much more…

Let’s dive into some of the latest and exciting updates and news from the marketing world…

Meta enhances non-click video ad conversion insights

The article discusses Meta’s introduction of “Engaged View Attribution,” a new metric for advertisers on the platform. This metric aims to provide advertisers with insights into how long users engage with an ad after it appears on the screen. By measuring the time users spend interacting with an ad, Meta aims to offer a more nuanced understanding of ad performance beyond traditional metrics like clicks and impressions. This move reflects Meta’s commitment to refining ad measurement and providing advertisers with more meaningful data to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns on Meta’s platforms. Read more here:

From pokes to profit: how Facebook transformed social media marketing

When Mark Zuckerberg and his coding cohort launched Facebook from their Harvard dorm in 2004, they set out with a simple goal: create a website to help people stay connected. The social media platform is preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary next month and a glance at its timeline shows the milestones it has achieved in delivering on its promise. From pokes and likes to Messenger and Marketplace – there’s no shortage of innovative tools and features designed to bring its two billion-strong community together. This penchant for community struck a chord with the brains behind future social media activations. Twitter and TikTok made their names on a foundation of connection. Platforms such as BeReal have taken this a step further, leveraging their human involvement and influence as a bargaining chip for differentiation. Read more here:

Apple’s Vision Pro headset hits US stores today. Here’s what you need to know:

The Vision Pro, Apple’s first new product in seven years, officially launched in stores on Friday in the US. The mixed reality headset went on sale at Apple Stores across the country as some eager shoppers were among the first to get their hands on what promises to be one of the most innovative tech products in years. Read more here:

Amazon Prime Video ads start Jan 29th

Starting today, US users may encounter advertisements while streaming content on the platform. This move is seen as an effort by Amazon to diversify its revenue streams and capitalise on the advertising market. However, concerns are raised about the impact on the user experience, as consumers have grown accustomed to an ad-free environment on paid streaming services. The article discusses potential reactions from users and the implications of this shift for the competitive landscape in the streaming industry. Read more here:

Google showing TikTok videos in featured snippets

TikTok’s value in Search continues to rise as their content has started to surface in Google’s SGE and featured snippets. Whilst the debate continues over whether or not TikTok should be considered a search engine, the fact is that TikTok is taking up some space on Google’s SERPs. So, if TikTok content is available on SERPs related to your business, you should consider whether you need to make use of the channel to gain visibility. Read more here:

Google Search officially retires cache link

Google have officially retired the cache link from their Google Search result snippets and users should instead make use of Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to see archived versions of web pages. Google’s Danny Sullivan hopes to see links added to Wayback Machine directly in the About This Result feature within SERPs in the near future, but this isn’t confirmed. Read more here:

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Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser

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