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Digital news to watch: Are we ready for GA4?

In this week’s digital news, we dive into the collaboration between Fenty Beauty and Roblox, unveiling an exciting metaverse experience and the opportunity to have your chosen product created by Rhianna herself. We take a closer look at the revamped design of Google Ads and a recent poll on GA4 readiness and its implications.

We’ll also explore how AI is revolutionising online shopping with new Bing Edge features and streamlining user experiences. We examine a concerning report that suggests Google may have misled advertisers and violated its own guidelines. And finally, we’ll shed light on the growing issue of irrelevant messages bombarding consumers from retail brands.

Fenty Beauty product creation experience on Roblox

Rhianna’s beauty brand Fenty Beauty is partnering with online gaming platform Roblox to launch a four-week Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin experience. This centres on product creation, allowing users to make their own Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

Players can visit the Fenty Beauty Lab to customise the ingredients, applicator and shade name of their lip luminizer, among other things. Users can vote on their favourite creations and founder Rihanna will choose one to produce physically; the product will be available in 2024 on Fenty Beauty and Sephora’s websites. During the gaming experience, players can also go on scavenger hunts, explore mazes and learn more about the brand’s most popular products, such as its cleansers, fragrances, and lip glosses. The brand will release new Fenty avatar accessories every week.

Bing & Edge features use AI to streamline shopping

Microsoft adds new AI-powered features to Bing and Edge to show customised product recommendations, summaries of reviews and price match information to help simplify the shopping experience for users. The new features include:

  • The new Buying Guides feature will help shoppers narrow down their results when they have searched for a generic topic. The search engine will product a list of categories they can choose from which narrow down the search, plus comparison charts to see similar products.
  • The new Review Summaries feature pulls out common themes from user reviews on products to help highlight critical points to shoppers.
  • The new Price Match feature tracks an item’s price even after purchase. If the price drops, the feature can help you request a refund from the site.

Google Ads introduces new platform design 

The new design update for Google Ads that aims to provide advertisers with a more streamlined and intuitive interface. The redesign focuses on enhancing navigation, making it easier for users to access key features and reports. The new design also incorporates a more visually appealing layout, with improved font readability and updated icons. Additionally, Google Ads introduces a new three-step process for creating campaigns, simplifying the setup process for advertisers. Google’s aim with these design changes is in improving user experience, reducing friction, and ultimately helping advertisers effectively manage and optimize their Google Ads campaigns.

How ready are you for GA4?

The main news this week is undoubtedly the roll out of GA4. Search Engine Land’s research into GA4 readiness shows that:

  • Only 23% have fully adopted GA4
  • 50% are still learning
  • 16% are yet to begin

GA4 continues to get a lot of negative responses from digital marketers across the board, however, despite the alternatives to GA4 that are available, it looks like the majority of people are still moving to GA4 and sticking with Google.

Google may have violated its own guidelines

The Guardian reports that Google is facing allegations of misleading advertisers and potentially violating its own guidelines. According to the report, Google allegedly provided inaccurate and incomplete information to advertisers, resulting in inflated ad metrics and misrepresentation of campaign performance. This misleading behaviour raises concerns about the reliability and transparency of Google’s advertising platform. The report highlights the need for stricter regulations and independent auditing to ensure fair practices and protect advertisers’ interests. Google has not yet responded to the specific allegations, but these accusations may have significant implications for its reputation and trust among advertisers.

Over 69% of consumers reporting irrelevant messages from brands

At a time when positive and personalised experiences are more critical than ever, new findings reveal many retailers are not meeting the mark, with over two-thirds (69%) of consumers reporting that they receive irrelevant messages from brands and 41% saying they do not feel valued when it comes to the service offered.

A study by highlights that consumers are frustrated with the personalisation approach taken by retailers, with almost half (49%) citing that this is due to their inbox being bombarded, harming their perception of the brand’s overall service. The retail sector continues to be a challenge for brands, as 63% don’t think purchase history is acceptable data for brands to draw on when providing a personalised customer experience.

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Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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