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Digital News to Watch: Bad news for marketers as consumer confidence falls

Welcome to the latest instalment in our series of weekly roundups, where we bring you the latest exciting developments in the world of digital marketing. This week, we delve into the reasons why consumer confidence is falling across the board and what this means for marketers, and much more.

Let’s dive into some of the latest and exciting updates and news from the marketing world…

Bad news for marketers’: Consumer confidence falls across the board as UK economy stalls

The latest GfK consumer confidence barometer has dire implications for UK marketers, as the British public seeks to save rather than spend. This uncertainty is driven in part by the increased costs related to fuel and heating, mortgage and rental rates, a slowing jobs market and new uncertainties posed by conflict in the Middle East. With no end in sight, it has led to drastically reduced confidence as consumers seek to protect their savings rather than spend.

Google adds support for paywalled content in rich results test tool

Google has added support for paywalled content in its Rich Results Test tool to allow site owners to clarify that their subscription-based content is protected. Structured data markup for paywalled content allows site owners to indicate which content requires a paid subscription so that search engines can still display this content in relevant search results yet show that the subscription is required which deters from this being seen as “cloaking”, where sites show different content than Google.

Google introduces structured data for car dealership inventory

Google have introduced new Vehicle listing structured data for car dealership inventories so that these businesses can markup their cars for sale with relevant attributes to be shown in Google Search, Maps and Business Profiles. The structured data allows details like pricing, features, and availability to be highlighted to users in the SERPs, without needing to upload data feed files. A new Search Console report has been added to help monitor and fix any issues with this type of schema.

AI boom, social commerce surge, funnel collapse

Agency leaders share top 2024 predictions – With Q4 closing in, agency leaders are already eyeing 2024 and the trends they say will define the coming year. While most people are focused on Q4 and the bust Christmas period, agency leaders, charged with ushering brands through the increasingly complicated marketing and media landscapes, are looking ahead to the trends that will define the coming year and help brands connect with their audiences in powerful ways. From the buzz surrounding generative AI to a growing focus on brand over bottom-of-funnel performance tactics.

Google Ads rolls out stricter requirements for new certifications

Google Ads is implementing stricter requirements for marketers taking its professional certifications on Skillshop. Marketers must now provide a photo ID, take a picture of their face, and record their test-taking environment via video. During exams, a live proctor monitors participants via webcam and screen-sharing software. Unauthorised behaviour leads to exam pausing and messaging, with recording for review. Various restrictions apply, such as no open books, notes, scratch paper, restroom breaks, handheld calculators, headphones, or hats. Background noise is permitted, but no people should be visible. There’s some worry around these requirements and how impractical they might be with items like headphones banned. Furthermore, Google will start charging to take these exams.

YouTube’s New Ad Blocker Crackdown—What You Need to Know

YouTube is implementing new measures to crack down on ad-blocker users. The platform is identifying users who employ ad-blockers and limiting access to content, promoting a message to disable the ad-blocker or subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. Users may still skip ads in videos, but more aggressive actions are being taken against those who block ads entirely. This initiative aims to protect ad revenue for content creators and maintain a fair advertising ecosystem on the platform. While this may frustrate some users, it highlights YouTube’s commitment to supporting its content creators and the importance of advertising revenue to the platform’s sustainability.

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Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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