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Digital News to Watch: Consumer confidence begins to decline again

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly digital marketing news roundups, where our expert team brings you the latest exciting developments in the world of digital marketing. This week, we delve into how consumer confidence has begun to fall again after reaching a two-year high at the start of the year, and much more…

Let’s dive into some of the latest and exciting updates and news from the marketing world…


Consumer confidence falls slightly as UK shows ‘resilience’ in face of recession

After reaching a two-year high at the start of the year, UK consumer confidence declined slightly in February, according to GfK’s monthly Consumer Confidence Barometer. Across four of the five measures, consumer confidence has declined, with only respondents’ perception of their personal financial situation over the next 12 months staying stable at o points (+0). The overall index score suffered a two point decline back to -21 points. Read more here:


Google Ads API version 16 is launching

Google has unveiled the v16 release of the Google Ads API, bringing new tools and capabilities to improve campaign performance monitoring and optimisation efficiency. The update includes recommendations tailored to specified settings, insights into ad group performance, and the ability to apply changes to experimental campaigns automatically. Additionally, there are updated operation types for customer and campaign life cycle goals, along with enhanced support for tracking business registration verification progress in Local Services. Make sure to update your client libraries and code to leverage these new features. Read more here:


Vice Media, once valued at $5.7 billion, is shutting down and laying off ‘several hundred’ staff

Vice Media plans to lay off several hundred employees and no longer publish material on its website, the company’s CEO said in a memo to staff Thursday. Vice, which filed for bankruptcy last year before being sold for $350 million to a consortium led by the Fortress Investment Group, is also looking to sell its Refinery 29 publishing business, CEO Bruce Dixon said in his memo to staff. It’s the latest sign of financial problems buffeting the media industry. Digital sites the Messenger, BuzzFeed News and Jezebel have all shut down in the past year, and legacy media outlets like the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal have also seen job cuts. Read more here:


Google to display more product options with new markup

Google have expanded structured data for product variants, enabling merchants to show more variations like size, colour and material within search results. The three properties that need to be filled in to be eligible for this new markup include:

  • hasVariant
  • variesBy
  • productGroupID

Valid implementation of the new ProductGroup structured data markup can lead to enhanced search listings to show these product variations. Read more here:


Google announces deal to show more Reddit content

Google announced a new deal with Reddit, allowing them access to real-time Reddit conversations to show the content within Google and to enhance their training models. The deal will lead to increased visibility for Reddit within Google, whilst allowing Google’s language models to get a better understanding of human content and writing styles to improve their AI generated answers. Read more here:


What Reddit’s IPO filing reveals about its ads business

Reddit’s IPO filing, is shedding light on its advertising business. Reddit’s ad revenue reached $439 million in 2021, doubling from the previous year, primarily driven by direct sales. However, Reddit faces challenges with reliance on a small number of advertisers and content moderation concerns. Additionally, Reddit’s user growth is slowing, highlighting the need to diversify revenue streams beyond advertising. The IPO filing offers a glimpse into Reddit’s ad business, highlighting both its strengths and areas for improvement as it prepares to go public. Read more here:


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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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