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Digital News to Watch: Google search ads in compromising placements

Welcome to the latest instalment in our series of weekly roundups, where we bring you the latest exciting developments in the world of digital marketing. This week, we dive into how some Google search ads have been appearing in compromising placements – and how to tackle this to ensure your brand is safe, plus much more.

Let’s dive into some of the latest and exciting updates and news from the marketing world…

Google search ads spotted in compromising placements

The study on Google’s Search Partners network reveals instances of Google search ads being displayed on unintended and potentially inappropriate sites, including pornography and pirated content platforms. The lack of transparency raises concerns about brand safety and advertisers’ ability to control where their ads appear. Notably, ads from major brands, such as BMW, were observed on, despite efforts to blacklist the site. Advertisers, by default, are enrolled in the GSP network unless they opt out. This shift from an opt-in to an opt-out model may lead to ads appearing on a broader range of sites, compromising brand safety measures. Read more here:

If brand safety is highly important to your brand, we always recommend opting out of Google Search Partners.

Google Enhances Search with Support for Organisation Meta Data

Google have expanded their organisation’s structured data markup to further improve knowledge panels and show more detailed and accurate business information. This includes allowing site owners to add details such as name, address, contact info and business identifiers to the previous Organisation markup that only allowed for markup of logos and URLs to specify what they wanted to show in search results. Adding these additional fields will ensure you are eligible to benefit from future search features that may be introduced. Read more here:

How the best marketing campaigns of 2023 mastered pop culture nostalgia

A preponderance of challenges acted as creative handcuffs for marketers in 2023. The few brands that were able to break through relied on tried-and-true tactics rather than creative disruption. Marketers never seemed able to get out of the block as the year went on. Most noteworthy efforts fell into the categories of rebrands, refreshes and repositioning’s as marketers sought to reconnect with evolving consumers rather than wowing them with splashy campaigns. Instead, successful marketers leaned even more aggressively into campaigns around nostalgia and pop culture, sparking joy for otherwise beleaguered consumers. Read more here:

Environmental messages do not impact ad effectiveness, data finds

Including environmental messaging in advertising does not impact effectiveness, according to cross-industry research, which shows that being environmentally conscious is neither a turn-off for viewers nor a guarantee of success. Indeed, adverts with an environmental message perform in line with the UK average, according to ‘The Greenprint’ study carried out by ITV, System1 and behavioural scientist Richard Shotton. The report also states there is a lot of remaining potential for brands to make green-related ads more effective and engaging. Read more here:

Amazon is now automatically playing fullscreen video ads on Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV has introduced full screen video ads with autoplay, a move sparking concerns about user experience. These ads, which automatically play upon selecting content, might disrupt the viewing experience and potentially lead to user frustration. The autoplay feature doesn’t require any action from users, and it’s seen as a strategy to capture attention and enhance ad visibility. However, critics argue that this could negatively impact the platform’s usability, and there are concerns about how users will respond to this change in the advertising format. The move reflects a broader trend of platforms experimenting with ad formats to maximize engagement.

Google Highlights Forums & Profiles with New Structured Data

Google added new structured data to allow site markup of forums and personal profiles. This new markup will help users to see more creator information when finding information in search results, and to identify forum content that is shown within search results, which should help to improve users trust. Coming at a time when Google is pushing EEAT and wanting to see first-hand experience within content, these new structured data markups are another way to showcase this to Google. It will also allow Google to show this information to users to combat any wariness about the trustworthiness of results as Google moves towards showing AI generated responses. Read more here:

Amazon to Transition from 360-Degree Images to 3D Models

Beginning on 14th December 2023, Amazon is transitioning from 360-degree images to a more immersive format with the introduction of 3D models. As of this date, Amazon will no longer accept requests for uploading 360-degree images to product detail pages. Instead, brand rights owners in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy can showcase their products with the new and engaging 3D models. They believe this transition will open new avenues for product presentation, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales. Read more here:

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Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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