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Digital news to watch: Fake ads are on the rise & brands need to call it out

Another busy (but short) week in the world of digital marketing. According to Marketing Week’s 2023 Career and Salary Survey, a third of marketers aren’t receiving upskilling from their employers. Do you offer this in your business? As digital advertising grows, so does the problem of fake ads, which can harm both consumers and brands. We’ll be discussing this in more detail.

In other news, it seems to be all about Google. We have lots of important updates that concern both SEO and PPC, make sure you take a look. Here’s this week’s digital news to watch.

The upskilling imperative: The role and responsibility for brands and marketers

A third of marketers aren’t receiving upskilling from their employers, according to Marketing Week’s 2023 Career and Salary Survey. It highlights how rapidly evolving technologies and consumer behaviours have transformed the marketing landscape, requiring marketers to acquire new skills and knowledge to stay relevant. The survey stresses the importance of continuous learning in the marketing field. Marketers need to embrace a growth mindset and actively seek opportunities to learn and develop new skills. This may involve attending industry events, participating in training programs, or engaging in online courses.

Google announces new topic authority system to better surface news content

Google have announced more information on their Topic Authority search system to better surface news content, specifically in specialised areas such as health, politics and finance. Although the system is not new, this announcement is part of Google’s efforts to share more regular information on how ranking works.

The explanation covered the signals Google uses to understand a site’s expertise in the specific area they are writing on:

  • Notability of a source for it’s topic or location
  • Influential and original reporting
  • Reputation of the source

Fake ads are on the rise – good or bad, brands need to call it out

The line between real ads and copycats is being deliberately blurred, but do brands need to step in to protect their brand from fake ads? As digital advertising grows, so does the problem of fraudulent or misleading ads, which can harm both consumers and brands. Brands need to actively combat fake ads rather than turning a blind eye to the issue. By failing to address the problem, they risk damaging their reputation and losing consumer trust.

This article suggests that brands take a proactive approach by educating consumers about fake ads, reporting fraudulent content to advertising platforms, and working together with industry bodies and regulators to establish stricter standards and enforcement mechanisms.

Google Ads adds two new campaign types: Video views & demand gen

YouTube is getting two new campaign types. Video views the first of these is designed to drive more views by combining various formats to achieve this. Google are claiming that views are 40% higher than a standard in-stream campaign.

Secondly, we’re getting demand generation campaigns which focus on upper funnel engagement, using YouTube shorts, gmail amongst others to help build this engagement.

Google Ads introduces Conversation Experience & Automatically Created Assets

As expected, Google have announced a whole raft of AI powered features coming to Google Ads. This is designed to create headlines, description lines and improvements to automatically created assets. Google are keen to remove friction in the Google Ads platforms and by having AI do some of the creative heavy lifting.

Conversation Experience, aims to improve the user experience by allowing advertisers to engage in more meaningful conversations with their customers. It involves a new messaging feature that enables customers to connect with businesses directly through ads.

ACA’s will will help you generate additional assets (headlines and descriptions) to be used in combination with the assets that you input for your responsive search ads. These new assets are generated based on your ad’s unique context, which includes your landing page, existing ads and keywords in your ad group.

Google opens access to Search Generative Experience

Google have invited the first users, who signed up by email to test new Labs experiments when it was first announced, to test out their new Search Generative Experience. The new AI powered Search should take some of the responsibility for finding the right information away from the users’ ability to provide an accurate query and allow you to see related information more quickly to fully understand a topic faster. Having access to these experiments will be beneficial for anything Google are releasing in future to try and get ahead of the game. Currently this is only available in the US but is hoped to be rolled out to more countries soon.

For more information on any of these updates or you’d like to discuss a new digital marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch with our team by sending us an email to 

Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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