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Digital news to watch: Google postpones data-driven attribution switch 

Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we bring you the latest updates from the digital marketing and advertising world. Google Ads has decided to postpone its data-driven attribution switch to mid-July, allowing advertisers more time to prepare for the transition.

Meanwhile, SEMrush has introduced a new local keyword research tool in beta, empowering businesses to target their audience more effectively. French regulators have hit Criteo with a hefty €40 million GDPR fine, bringing attention to data practices in the industry. Rockstar Energy Drink has partnered with Spotify to create a sensational concert series, adding a musical twist to their marketing efforts. We explore how advertising agencies are harnessing the power of generative AI to automate tasks and enhance their creative workflows. Join us as we delve into these stories and unravel the latest trends shaping the advertising and marketing landscape.

Google postpones data-driven attribution switch 

Google Ads has decided to postpone the switch to Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) until mid-July. Originally planned for May, this delay is due to technical issues faced by the company during the testing phase. DDA is a machine learning-based attribution model that assigns credit to various touchpoints along the customer journey. It helps advertisers understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and allocate budgets accordingly. Google Ads is actively working on resolving the technical challenges to ensure a smooth transition. Advertisers who haven’t yet migrated to DDA can continue using their current attribution models until the new deadline.

SEMrush local keyword research tool in beta

SEMrush have recently launched a local keyword research tool, but this is still in beta and only available to a select few users as a trial to test it’s ability to return accurate data. This tool allows you to break down UK search volume into cities/regions, to get an idea whether there is more demand for your service in London or Leeds. If you’re one of the select few accounts that have been added to the test, we recommend having a play around which can be found in the Keyword Overview tool.

French regulators have imposed a €40 million fine on Criteo

French regulators have imposed a €40 million fine on Criteo, a Paris-based advertising technology company, over its data practices and alleged GDPR violations. The French data protection authority, CNIL, accused Criteo of collecting and processing user data without obtaining sufficient consent and failing to provide clear information about its data practices. The fine is among the largest penalties imposed under GDPR. Criteo is known for its personalised advertising campaigns and retargeting services. The company has stated its intention to appeal the decision and is committed to cooperating with regulators while making improvements to its data practices to ensure compliance with GDPR guidelines.

SEMrush launch new keyword clustering tool

SEMrush have made several improvements to their Keyword Manager tool recently, including a new keyword clustering tool. From one or more seed keywords you enter, the tool presents a mind map of related keywords to help visualise how to structure the topic clusters on your site. It also then as an integration with their SEO Writing Assistant tool, so once you’ve written some content to target these keywords, this can give you an idea of whether you’ve optimised your content for the keywords correctly. As always with SEO writing tools, we’d recommend taking any feedback with a pinch of salt – the human eye always has a better judgement when it comes to what sounds natural for a user!

Rockstar Energy Drink launches a free, immersive in-app concert series on Spotify

PepsiCo’s Rockstar Energy Drink announced plans to launch a free, immersive in-app concert series on Spotify as part of its new “Press Play” brand platform, according to a press release.

The series will run from July 21 to Aug. 4, inclusive of a virtual performance from musician and headliner Stormzy, with artists from France, Poland and Germany also set to take part. Central to the effort is five immersive, digital worlds that will accompany each headliner. Additional plans include out-of-home viewing experiences in select locations in the U.K. and an exclusive Stormzy show later in the year for U.K.-based fans. The effort makes Rockstar and Spotify among the latest to explore virtual concerts following the rise of the metaverse.

Agencies to replace 7.5% of jobs with AI by 2030

According to a new Forrester Research forecast, advertising agencies will replace 7.5% of jobs with automation by 2030 amid the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Clerical, secretarial and administrative roles will be the most threatened by generative AI, representing 28% of job losses. Sales and similar roles account for 22% of the losses expected by Forrester, while market research and related fields stand at 18% of losses. Forrester’s findings suggest that creative jobs, including writers and editors, might be among the least at-risk. While these fields will be highly influenced by generative AI, the tech could enhance their productivity. In spite of this forecast, Forrester foresees digital marketing and strategy specialists expanding their headcount by more than 20% by 2028.

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Kylie Moody - Modo25
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