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Digital news to watch: launch of Twitter rival, Threads

In this week’s digital news, we discuss the biggest news of the week, the launch of Threads, instagram’s rival to Twitter. The launch comes in the same week that Twitter has lost over half it’s organic visibility due to restricting content from unsubscribed users (and Google).

In other news, OpenAI have disabled their new Browse with ChatGPT feature on Bing due to paywalled content being pulled into answers. Google Ads have announced a new lineup of music-focused content to connect brands with Generation Z. And finally, we discuss the importance of creative quality to marketing effectiveness.

Launch of Instagram’s new feature: Threads

Threads launched last week, becoming the fastest growing social network ever with 30m signups in the first 7 hours. CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has claimed the new platform won’t have ads until it reaches 1 billion users. However, we expect that in the background Meta are already planning to monetise the data from the platform which will focus on the content of users threads and the content they interact with.

Unravelling Threads: what Meta’s Twitter rival means for comms pros

Meta has dropped the biggest spanner-in-the-works yet for Twitter, Threads, which launched last week. But what does this mean for PR and comms professionals? Threads is a text-based conversation app, attached to Instagram, that allows users to “discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow”. Threads are offering an alternative to Twitter, which of late has been in constant disarray, but will it be enough to encourage people to abandon it all together? Read more here.

Twitter loses over half its organic visibility in Google Search overnight with new feature

Twitter’s new feature, to only display tweets to signed in users, caused trouble for them in the SERPs last week. Users saw Twitter’s indexed tweets drop from 470 million to 180 million in a matter of days. If your brand relies on tweet visibility on Google, you may be affected. If not, it’s a case study for us all to take learnings from highlighting the impact a change on your website can have on your SEO.

Google Ads launches new tool to help marketers connect with Gen Z

Google Ads has announced a new lineup of music-focused content targeting Generation Z (Gen Z) users. The initiative aims to connect brands with the younger demographic through various music-related opportunities, such as artist partnerships, exclusive performances, and virtual events. By leveraging Gen Z’s strong affinity for music and their increasing consumption of digital content, Google Ads intends to provide brands with innovative advertising channels to engage with this influential audience. The initiative recognizes the power of music in capturing Gen Z’s attention and offers advertisers unique avenues to build brand awareness and foster meaningful connections with this demographic.

OpenAI disables Browse with ChatGPT on Bing after paywalled content leak

OpenAI made the decision to temporarily remove their new Browse with ChatGPT feature on Bing last week after users found the feature to be pulling in paywalled content to its answers. The feature is supposed to disregard paywalled content if this is properly flagged up by the site owner, but this appears not to be working as planned. It is currently unclear when the feature will be back but we expect Bing will want it out as soon as possible to remain ahead of Google.

80% of marketers deem creative quality key to marketing effectiveness

Marketers are putting more focus on the quality of their creative in a tough economic environment were standing out has never been more important. Four-fifths (80.5%) of the 1,300 brand-side marketers surveyed for Marketing Week’s Language of Effectiveness survey, supported by Kantar, believe that creative effectiveness is one of the most influential factors in the overall success of a campaign, with 14.2% singling it out as the most important factor. Just 3.2% believe it has no influence at all. Read more here.

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Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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