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Digital news to watch: Marketers facing huge budget cuts

Looking for your digital marketing news fix? Here are this week’s headlines to keep an eye on from our PPC and SEO gurus Tom and Kylie. Marketers are facing huge budget cuts and Adidas have recruited Stormzy for their World Cup ad.

Marketers are facing huge budget cuts

According to the customer engagement platform SALESmanago, which surveyed 250 CMOs in the UK, 74% have either seen or are facing, budget cuts to their marketing efforts.

When asked which areas would be most impacted if budgets are cut in 2023, 68% of marketers say advertising/campaigns will be most impacted. The survey was conducted to uncover whether marketing needs to take a leaner approach as we head into a recession.

The results show that budgets towards marketing campaigns and understanding the ROI of these campaigns will be the hardest hit. However, customer retention and loyalty will be imperative during the recession, in which transparent MarTech could play a huge role.

Google reminds users that “search is never guaranteed”

In response to a dissatisfied Reddit user who questioned whether a site publishing copied content and getting indexed quicker than their own site was down to them using the Indexing API, Mueller answered that “search is never guaranteed” and instead reminded the user how they make their own content valuable so that Google are more likely to pick it up.

Mueller advised that site owners need to make sure all their accessible content is worthwhile and provides value, which could include needing to block content that you know is non-valuable from being indexed, then Google will be more likely to find and index the valuable content faster.

Stormy joins Adidas and world-class players for the World Cup ad

The World Cup is on the horizon and Adidas have joined forces with rapper Stormzy and world-class football players for the latest instalment of their Impossible is Nothing campaign.

The Family Reunion film sees football fan Stormzy alongside Lionel Messi and other star players come together to celebrate how the joy of football unifies players and fans across the world.

With World Cup nostalgia and tournament preparations, each player and Stormzy showcase their individual rituals and remind fans why the tournament is important.

Veg Power campaign sees £34.1m of greens sales

The not-for-profit alliance Veg Power is reporting a healthy leap in the sale of vegetables on the back of its long-running Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign. The alliance has set statisticians at independent consultancy Pearl Metrics to work quantifying the success of its messaging, claiming credit for an additional £34.1m of veg sales nationwide since 2019.

In March of this year, a survey found that over three-quarters of children (77%) stated the campaign made eating vegetables more fun and 59% claimed they ate more vegetables as a result.

Google’s advice on how to handle negative SEO attacks

When asked on Reddit how to deal with a negative SEO attack, such as competitors purposely building spammy backlinks to your domain, Google’s John Mueller directly answered, “just ignore them”.

Mueller reassured that a competitor competent enough to build quality links for themselves will also know that there’s no point wasting their own time trying to spam a competitor’s site with bad links, in line with his previous advice that site owners don’t need to worry about the disavow tool and that Google generally ignores obviously spammy links.

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Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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