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Digital news to watch: New AMERICA Act brings much-needed rules to digital marketing

Welcome to another week, here are our top digital marketing stories courtesy of our specialists, Matt, Tom and Kylie. In this week’s digital news to watch, Open Source have cloned their ChatGPT model to stay on top of the market, Google Ads Editor has released 12 new features and a new law in the US will bring much-needed rules to digital marketing.

New AMERICA Act brings much-needed rules to digital marketing

There may be some new rules on the way in the US for ad networks. As the average person becomes more exposed and more aware of how advertising works alongside the growing call for greater privacy.

Google are highlighted as running 95% of advertising on the internet with them in control of the technology and the bidding. Interestingly this new piece of legislation is backed by both prominent democrats and republicans and aims to restrict brokers transacting more than $20b a year on digital advertising from acting on both sides of the market. If this goes ahead we could see Google looking to split their business between buy and sell sides to skirt around the new legislation.

Open Source release ChatGPT clone 

Open Source took another step forward to ensure they stay ahead of the big players in the technology industry by cloning their ChatGPT model. The clone of the Large Language Model is named Dolly, after the famous sheep, the first mammal to be cloned. This clone has been built in an attempt to stop large corporations from monopolising the market and putting data at risk by having third parties in control.

Google Ads Editor has 12 new features

Google’s ad management tool has just received its latest major update as it hits version 2.3 bringing with it some very convenient features. Uploading images and assets is now much easier with the ability to upload images straight into editor and manage these in the platform without having to visit the Google Ads site. Bidding support is now also available allowing you see recommendations for bid strategies and also issues with bidding targets. It seems Google are gearing up for Google Ads Editor to be fully functional for Pmax and automated bidding as they shift their focus away from the standard ad types.

Media and brands tackle April Fools 2023

Judging the impact of an April Fools prank/campaign can be difficult to navigate for news outlets and brands – in the current age of misinformation there is a fine line between pulling it off and falling flat on your face.
McDonald’s, which unveiled its new Big McNugget Boot, “the most flavoursome shoe of SS23”, and Dulux paint “decided” to ditch its iconic sheepdog logo in favour of a King Charles spaniel in honour of the new monarch. Tinder said it would be banning all images of people holding fish, and the language learning app Duolingo ‘partnered’ with the streaming service Peacock on a fake dating show called ‘Love Language: The catch?’ in which the singletons must use Duolingo to communicate.

Google enhances Search with ‘About this author’ and other features

Google are constantly updating their results pages to be in line with their guidance. The latest improvements, including expanding the existing “about this result” section, the addition of an “about this author” section and more content advisories around limited or rapidly changing information, demonstrate another step forward to help users evaluate online information so they know whether or not they should completely trust it.

Is AI overshadowing the ‘meh-taverse’

It seems more companies are ditching their focus on the metaverse and focusing on AI according to reports, leading to others branding it the ‘meh-taverse’. The hypothetical virtual world was sold as somewhere we could all live, work and play. But building the metaverse hasn’t been easy. Disney has shut down the unit that was developing its metaverse strategies, while Microsoft recently pulled the plug on a virtual reality platform it acquired in 2017. Meta has even announced it is focusing on AI. Is the metaverse collapsing before it was even built?

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Matthew Fraser - Modo25
Matthew Fraser
Matthew Fraser - Modo25
Matthew Fraser

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