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Digital news to watch: OpenAI launches new model GPT-4

Welcome to another week of Modo25’s digital news round-up, with everything you need to know in digital marketing. There’s a lot to cover, in this week’s news; TikTok has been banned from government phones, Channel 4 are expanding their digital ad suite, OpenAI has launched a new model of GPT-4 and Google have rolled out their March update.

OpenAI launches new model GPT-4

Game-changing OpenAI, GPT-4 has launched the latest version of the groundbreaking AI system that powers ChatGPT, which it says is more creative, less likely to make up facts and less biased than its predecessor. The new version will include a “multimodal” model, which means it can accept images and text as inputs, allowing users to ask questions about images. The new version can also handle massive text inputs and remember and act on more than 20,000 words simultaneously. You can try it out here:

Tik Tok banned from government phones and BBC staff urged to follow 

Over 1 billion people use Tik Tok around the world, consuming short videos. However, in the past week, all UK government workers have been urged to delete the app over data and security fears – with all staff members at the BBC also now being urged to follow suit. TikTok is able to access a user’s data from devices, including contacts and geolocation.
Some reports have also indicated that TikTok’s app can access a user’s calendar, other running applications, wifi networks, and even the sim card serial number. Concerns are also being raised about the algorithms and if these can be altered to impact what content users receive. These conversations around TikTok and its safety will raise questions for users and brands and how they operate on the social media platform.

Google currently rolling out March 2023 Core Update

Last Wednesday (15th March 2023), Google confirmed that their March 2023 Core Algorithm Update was beginning to roll out. These updates usually take up to two weeks to roll out in full, during which time sites can see some fluctuation as Google is re-evaluating the whole Search landscape to make sure they’re providing the most relevant and highest quality search results possible to their users.

For more information on Core Algorithm updates generally, check out our existing blog: Google’s Core Algorithm Updates: How to Prepare & Recover. We’ll be sure to update you when the update has finished rolling out with any findings.

Channel 4 partners with programmatic platform Xandr

Channel 4 is partnering the with programmatic platform Xandr, part of Microsoft’s advertising platforms. This will give more opportunities for advertisers to purchase ad slots across the Channel 4 range of products. Making it easier for advertisers to purchase advertising placements is going to be key, not just for retailers but any significant traffic-driving spaces over the next few years. Unique first-party audiences will become more valuable and allowing easier access to these will likely be extremely profitable.

Google Ads will use GA4’s conversion window settings

Google Ads and GA4 are continuing to align further as Google Ads will now inherit GA4 conversion windows. This will align reporting between the two platforms which should bring greater accuracy to Google Ads data. If users have previously been using the custom settings in Google Ads they will need to check their settings in GA4 to make sure measurement stays consistent. The change will be automatic on the 31st of March and users will have to make changes in GA4 after this date.

Google Trends refreshed

Google has released an updated version of Google Trends to provide much more insight into the most recent search trends breaking out, related topics and how you can actually use the data.

Google has added to their platform:

  • Real-time trends which are updated every hour
  • News links relating to the real-time trends for you to explore the topic further
  • Homepage highlights to tell you what’s trending in your local country or region
  • Help guides on how to get the best out of Google Trends
  • Trends success stories to give inspiration on how you can use the data

All of these new features make the tool much more valuable for finding topics before they become too saturated. Keeping a regular check on the real-time trends (especially when you know there’s a current event related to your industry) will help you to stay ahead of the curve!

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Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Senior Performance Marketing Manager

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