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Digital News to Watch: Watch all the latest Christmas ads from the past week

Welcome to the latest instalment in our series of weekly roundups, where we bring you the most recent developments in the world of digital marketing. This week, we explore some of the Christmas ads that have already started rolling out, including John Lewis, Asda and more…

Let’s dive into some of the latest exciting updates and news from the marketing world…

Google Ads Editor version 2.5 rolls out with 16 new features

Google Ads Editor 2.5 introduces a host of features to streamline campaign management. This update enables marketers to incorporate deep links into App Install Ads, enhances Ad Strength calculations by factoring in auto-created assets, and offers transparency through the “Asset source” column in reports. Furthermore, Discovery Product Ads now support added fields like videos and headlines. In-Feed Video Ads for Discovery Campaigns combine responsive display and Discovery ad features. Marketers can switch between a video picker and text mode for video selection. Campaign Level Broad Match, brand settings, dynamic search ad features, and more have also been added, empowering advertisers to refine their campaigns with ease.

Christmas 2023: watch all the latest ads released the past week

Festive season is here, and brands are getting their seasonal ads out early. They are all competing for attention in unique ways, whether pulling on the heartstrings or making viewers laugh. The latest ads released this past week include Michael Bublé in the latest Asda advertisement and John Lewis who has drummed up more excitement than ever this year as Saatchi & Saatchi prepares its debut ad for the retailer.

M&S removes Christmas social post after image likened to Palestine flag

Despite the success of some Christmas adverts, one retail giant came under the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Marks & Spencer has taken down and apologised for a social media post that showed red, green and silver paper party hats burning in a grate after critics likened it to the Palestinian flag. The image was an outtake from its Clothing and Home Christmas ad, which was released earlier this week. Critics on social media suggested that the retailer used the image to signal support for Israel. The Israel-Hamas conflict has escalated significantly in recent weeks. Forty complaints about the post have been made to the Advertising Standards Authority, which said it was reviewing them to determine whether there were grounds for action but is not currently investigating the post. M&S apologised for any “unintentional hurt caused” and explained that the ad was shot in August, before the situation in Israel and Gaza began.

Another month, another Google Core Update!

Google announced the start of the rollout of their fourth core update of the year on 2nd November, shortly following the recent run of Google updates we’ve had in the past three months (including the August 2023 Core Update, the September 2023 Helpful Content Update and the October 2023 Core Update).

Without giving away which system this update is targeting, Google has confirmed that this core update “involves an improvement to a different core system than last month” however, as always, their guidance about core updates remains the same.

Influencers continue to pile into affiliate marketing

Influencers are increasingly embracing affiliate marketing as a way to monetise their content and engage with their followers. This trend highlights the continued growth of affiliate marketing as a valuable revenue stream for content creators. By promoting products and services to their audience and earning commissions on resulting sales, influencers can generate income while maintaining authenticity and trust with their followers. The article emphasises that influencer-affiliate marketing partnerships are expected to rise in popularity as they provide a win-win situation for both content creators and brands looking to reach new audiences. This trend underscores the importance of influencer marketing within the broader digital advertising landscape.

Google Reviews Update November 2023 coming

In the same day they announced their next Core Update, Google also pre-announced the November 2023 Review Update. This will start rolling out over the next two weeks and will be the last pre-announced update to the Reviews system. From now on, they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.

Expect a double-barreled blast of search algorithm updates in November, starting with the Core Algorithm Update rolling out now and followed by the Reviews Update.

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Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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