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Digital news to watch: Will AI-driven language processing revolutionise marketing automation?

It’s Monday and our trusty SEO and PPC gurus Tom and Kylie have shared the news we think you should know for the penultimate digital news to watch of 2022. From AI-driven language processing to Google’s December content update, here’s this week’s digital news to watch.

Will AI-driven language processing revolutionise marketing automation?

We’ve had chatbots for years but the rate at which they’ve improved in the last 12 months has been dramatic. Currently, AI chatbots are being used in a customer service manner, however, as their quality increases, we’re likely to see marketers begin to push further into this type of technology. Automated human-like responses will help across all verticals.

December 2022 Helpful Content Update is being rolled out 

Google announced last Monday (5th December) that the December Helpful Content Update was starting to roll out and would take 2 weeks to complete. The update is to improve Google’s Helpful Content system which was introduced in August earlier this year.

The Helpful Content system is aimed at making search results more useful for searchers, rewarding web pages that offer genuine help and value to users.

Facebook facing EU crackdown over personalised ads

Facebook is once again under pressure from the EU and this time the challenge comes from their personalised advertising. The argument put forward is that Facebook should not be able to force users into seeing personalised ads. The push is for opt-in consent or a yes/no option if customers want to receive personalised advertising using their data. With Facebook advertising already struggling we could see an even bigger hit to their performance.

Google’s top search trends of 2022 revealed 

Google have published their yearly report showing the top global and local search trends within the year. It’s worth checking out when thinking about your 2023 content strategy – you may come across some surprising search trends relevant to the business that could give you inspiration.

This year, Google have made their search report even more useful for SEOs by allowing you to filter the results by city or zip code, to highlight relevant local searches trending in a certain area.

Google Ads outage costs websites’ ad sales

A rare but significant outage for Google Ads happened last Friday with Google Display Network ads unable to show for up to 3 hours. During a key period before Christmas, the impact of a 3-hour outage is likely to be large. Google has since rectified the issue but they’ll be looking to avoid further outages over Q4 and beyond.

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Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard  - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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