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Digital news to watch: Elon Musk’s X Rebrand

Amidst a weekend filled with celebrations of female empowerment through the triumphant Barbie movie and the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Elon Musk has once again sparked controversy with his latest move. The billionaire has taken a bold step by replacing the iconic Twitter bird logo with a sleek and modern “X” rebrand. Dive into our weekly roundup of digital news to find out more about this noteworthy change and more…

Twitter logo: Elon Musk Kills Twitter Bird Logo in X Rebrand

Twitter has undergone a significant rebranding today, transitioning from its well-known blue bird logo to a fresh, white “X” set against a black backdrop. This new design has already been implemented on the desktop and mobile version of the platform.  Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has revealed that the term “Tweets” will be replaced going forward. Instead, users will refer to their posts as “x’s.”  The billionaire entrepreneur has updated his own profile picture to feature the new logo and included “” in his Twitter bio (which currently redirects to

FIFA and TikTok strike content partnership for the Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup ‘kicked off’ this weekend and TikTok and FIFA have partnered to share tailored content of the event. To help generate content, TikTok and FIFA are collaborating with creators around the globe including behind-the-scenes moments, team arrivals, pre-match videos, match highlights and player and coach reactions.

TikTok are also hosting a FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Hub, which will aggregate content from the league, official broadcasters, teams and players. The partnership is the first time FIFA has worked with an entertainment platform to produce content for the Women’s World Cup, and the first official collaboration between FIFA and TikTok.

The future of AI in the retail industry: What to expect

Regardless of what technology the future will bring, it is clear that artificial intelligence is already automating much of our work. In the long term, AI’s contribution to many industries will only increase. We are currently witnessing a breakthrough in digital transformation, and we are not yet able to predict how it will evolve over the next months or years. But just how will this impact retail?

How to use AI and Chrome extensions for quick SEO wins

Seven actionable, quick SEO wins you can achieve by combining AI-powered tools (like ChatGPT and Google Bard) with Chrome extensions. In a fast-paced industry like SEO, quick wins are a constant challenge. How can you efficiently enhance rankings and drive growth for your website or clients?

PR lessons to emerge from Farage v Coutts debacle

Some important PR lessons have been learned from the disaster faced by Coutts & Co, a 331-year-old bank, after a committee dedicated to reputational risk recommended closing Nigel Farage’s account. The decision led to a media storm that serves as a reminder that PR disasters can have significant consequences, and brands need to be vigilant, proactive, and transparent in their communications to safeguard their reputation – and ensure that the causes they support align directly with their products or core values.

This summer’s biggest hit? The Barbie marketing team

Greta Gerwig has shattered records with the new Barbie movie with an extraordinary opening weekend, raking in a staggering US$377 million worldwide, making it the most successful debut ever for a film helmed by a woman. However, the marketing team should also be getting a huge pat on the back for orchestrating the unprecedented hype for the movie and brand this summer. Leveraging strategic brand collaborations and ingenious

Barbenheimer memes, they’ve successfully propelled Barbie to new heights of popularity. The marketing team has expertly tapped into digital culture cachet, and flooded the market with a plethora of Barbie film branded merchandise, ranging from fashion collections with high-end retailers to quirky tie-ins like Barbie-themed rollerblades and a Barbie-inspired Airbnb rental. The viral and meme-worthy marketing efforts have sparked discussions and anticipation across social media, leading to a cult-like following around the film.

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Matthew Fraser - Modo25
Matthew Fraser
Matthew Fraser - Modo25
Matthew Fraser

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