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Modo25 head to London for The Drum ‘Marketer of the Future’ panel

Last week, we headed into London to attend the Marketer of the Future panel hosted by the Trade Desk on behalf of The Drum. In case you hadn’t heard, Modo25 are sponsoring The Drum this year and as part of that, we get to attend a variety of events, such as this one, to show off exactly what we can do.

The event was a chance for all of the judges to get together and discuss who they think should be in line to win a coveted Drum award. Not only that but there was a chance for a range of industry professionals to have their say as part of a panel discussion. Excitingly, our very own CEO, John Readman, was part of that panel and got to share some of his marketing insight as well as how and why Modo25 are at the forefront of the game.

We arrived in central London in the morning and were introduced to the judges themselves all of whom were top marketing professionals in their field.

In amongst the early morning mingling the topic of Coronavirus was brought up, naturally. It was interesting to hear how companies are handling this and what they will be doing in the future to combat this. From travel restrictions to not being allowed to shake hands, it seems the marketing world might have an interesting problem to deal with in the coming weeks.

Once we’d all gotten acquainted, we sat down for the panel discussion to begin. There was plenty to talk about with the main focuses on how creativity will forge a future in a data-driven world, whether CMO’s should be worried about the ever-changing landscape of marketing professionals and how companies can attract and retain talent.

After the morning session, we had more chance for networking with a lunch break during which the panellists were whisked away to be filmed as part of a promotional video. We’ll be sure to share these when they’re finished as John had some interesting points of discussion.

After all the formalities, the event carried on well into the evening with more casual dinner and drinks to top it all off.

The Drum is very particular about who they choose to sponsor their awards and events every year and we’re incredibly proud to have the privilege to do so for 2020.

If you want to see what all the Modo25 fuss is about, or you want to hear more about Bosco, our new machine learning platform, get in touch on or call us on 0113 350 2560.

Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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