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How to effectively manage affiliate relationships to maximise your programme results

Affiliate marketing thrives on strong partnerships. By building relationships with affiliates across various industries and publisher types, you can continuously introduce fresh partners to your clients’ programs, helping them grow and succeed.

How can you build long lasting affiliate relationships? 

Regular interaction 

Building close relationships with your publishers is key to achieve positive results within your affiliate programme. The stronger the relationship with your partners, the most likely you are to see a growth in their performance, as they will spend more time and effort in ensuring KPIs are achieved. 

Use your network to send out mass communications on a weekly basis, ensure you’re covering topics such as offers, commission rates/structure updates, new creatives/ banner uploads, product updates etc.  

We’d recommend sending out bespoke emails to each publisher type, to be as specific as possible and relevant to their category – The way a cashback publisher would operate, will be different from a CSS publisher (remember to take that into consideration). 

Additionally, one of the key actions we recommend taking to build stronger relationships with your existing publishers, is to communicate with them directly, especially with your top 10-15 publishers on the programme. 

  • Send weekly check-in emails to ensure your publishers have everything they need. 
  • Monthly or Quarterly calls to discuss performance and future opportunities. 
  • Coffee meetups with your Account Manager for face-to-face interaction if you’re based in the same location.

Invest, invest, invest 

When budget is available to regularly invest with your publishers, you’ll find that you’ll be in touch with them more often, and that they will be more likely to be open to offer discounts on exposure packages too. 

When additional budget is invested, we recommend regular communications to be in place, set specific targets for Affiliates to work towards and have shared files to track performance.  

Ultimately, relationships will grow much faster when securing exposure with your publishers on a quarterly basis and remember… a one-time exposure is not going to generate the results you’re expecting. 

Go the extra mile!  

Keep your publishers updated on any upcoming seasonal sales, check if they need any specific dimensions for creatives and provide them with the necessary assets. 

If resources allow, create a media pack to introduce your brand, including key information that publishers can use and share with their customers. Upload this in the network and send a copy to each directly! 

Attend events  

Despite all the changes in the last few years, face to face interaction is still key for the affiliate industry. Consider attending affiliate conferences and events to network with publishers. This is a great way to meet with your existing partners, grab a coffee and discuss upcoming opportunities, as well as meeting new publishers and discover opportunities that can benefit your brand. A great event to attend is PI Live.

For more information on our affiliate marketing proposition, get in touch with our team who would be more than willing to discuss your requirements. Get in touch by sending us an email to

Ioana Dobos - Modo25
Ioana Dobos
Ioana Dobos - Modo25
Ioana Dobos

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