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How to in-house your digital marketing with AI

Our latest webinar run by CEO John Readman and Director of Agency Dan Akers focused on the transformative power of AI tools that can help you in-house some or all of your digital marketing. We’ve listed the key tools they discussed on the webinar (for the full video scroll to the end), plus you can also read our handy guide to ‘In-housing your Digital Marketing in 2024’ here.’

Key AI Tools to help you in-house your digital marketing:

1. Powerpoint presentations:

  • Gamma app: Automatically generates PowerPoint presentations based on user input, saving significant time.

2. Video Transcription and Content Creation:

  • EightifyTools like this allow for video transcription, extracting key insights, and creating blogs or social media content.
  • This saves your marketing team time and enhances efficiency.

3. AI Book Writing:

  • Tools can generate books based on specified topics and genres, but this does raise questions about content ownership.
  • Agencies should update their terms and conditions to reflect AI usage in content creation.

4. AI in Video Creation:

  • AI can generate video content with customisable avatars speaking various languages and accents.
  • Example tool: HeyGen, useful for training, demos, and marketing videos, though not yet perfect.

5. Image AI:

  • AI-generated images still face issues with accuracy and realism.
  • Tools such as MidJourney and Adobe Firefly are popular but require careful prompting for the best results.
  • NB: AI-generated images often contain errors (e.g., extra fingers, distorted objects).

6. SEO and Content Tools:

7. PPC and Ad Content Tools:

  • Smart Bidding: Automates keyword bidding and management, reducing manual labour in creating and managing PPC campaigns.
  • Google Performance Max (PMax): Helps generate ad content in bulk within Google Ads.
  • Meta’s Advantage+ Campaigns: Integrates AI for creative and content optimisation within Meta’s advertising platform.

9. AI Tools for SEO and Website Optimization:

  • Microsoft Clarity with Co-Pilot: Enhances session recordings and heatmaps with AI to summarise user behavior, helping identify pain points and optimise web pages efficiently.
  • Dynamic Content Recommendation: Uses AI to generate personalised content such as ‘customers also viewed’ sections, improving conversion rates significantly by automating recommendations based on user behaviour and historical data.
  • Wireframing Tools: AI-powered tools can create wireframes from sketches or images, streamlining the process of designing website layouts.

10. AI Tools for Advertising and Traffic Management:

  • Lunio: Focuses on eliminating bot traffic and spam clicks to help reduce wasted ad spend. Demonstrates significant savings in client budgets by filtering out fraudulent traffic.
  • Smart Bidding: Automates keyword bidding and audience targeting, optimising ad spend and improving campaign performance with minimal manual intervention.

11. AI Tools for Data Integration and Reporting:

  • ASK BOSCO®: Integrates all data sources into one platform, allowing natural language queries for quick insights and enabling custom dashboard creation. This platform saves time on reporting and data visualisation, making it easier to track performance and make data-driven decisions including budget and media planning.

12. AI for E-commerce Optimization:

  • Productcaster: Optimises product feeds for Google Merchant Center, improving product visibility and relevance in search results. Uses AI to clean up and enhance product descriptions and titles.

It’s clear that AI tools can offer significant time savings and efficiency improvements in digital marketing – and help with the process of in-housing your digital marketing.  However, as with everything, it’s crucial to understand and navigate the limitations of this new tech.  For more information or support with your in-housing digital marketing please get in touch with our team at 

Watch the video below:


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