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5 to watch this week in digital: Ahrefs launches free service and insight into consumer Christmas spending

This week in digital, we’ve got more info on consumer behaviour over the COVID-Christmas and Google still isn’t out of hot water yet. Plus, Ahrefs launches a new, free service. Here are our five to watch this week in digital.


Consumers unwilling to spend ahead of Christmas

Concerns over financial security are stopping consumers from parting with their cash in the lead up to Christmas. GfK’s monthly consumer confidence index found that although the likelihood of consumers making a major purchase increased in September, it is still down at -21 compared to 3 this time last year. While things to seem to be improving month by month, numbers are still down dramatically when looking at 2019. It seems consumers are still incredibly wary to splash the cash with a turbulent market still very much in the mix. Read more.

Consumer spending habits for COVID Christmas

Marketers still missing out on TikTok’s advertising capabilities

A recent study by Kantar has revealed that marketers still prefer to use established social media platforms even though users like newer ones better. This comes after Kantar awarded TikTok with its highest global ad equity rank beating Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The study finally confirms industry thoughts that there may be a discrepancy between consumers and marketers. Consumers prefer advertising on newer platforms, like TikTok. However, advertisers are sticking to their regular favourites. This could mean huge missed opportunities for brands. Read more.


Google Shopping failing to address competition concerns

If you’ve been following our 5 to watch series, you’ll be well aware of the Google scandal currently unfolding. This week, it has been reported that less than 1% of traffic through Google Shopping is currently being directed to competitor shopping sites. This, its highlighted, doesn’t coincide with the regulatory crackdown three years ago that saw Google updating its policy and granting rivals access to its shopping platform. Google is, of course, contesting these claims. Read more.


Ahrefs launches new free service

Ahrefs claims marketers have long been asking for an affordable version of their software. In response, they are launching Ahrefs Webmaster Tool. This new tool will allow you to manage backlinks and keywords plus audit your site for free. In a quote about this new service, the firm claims that they are aware that big players can readily pay for SEO tools. However, they know that smaller businesses and individuals without this kind of budget, struggle. Read more.


The feminisation of alcohol marketing

Woman’s Hour on the BBC has put together an interesting insight piece on how ‘clever’ marketing is being used to target alcohol at women. From ‘chick beer’ to ‘Instagrammable’ cocktails, alcohol brands are creating a whole new niche market based on gender stereotypes. In fact, this targeted marketing is arguably being linked to the increase in female binge drinking and alcohol-related deaths. A number of big names are dragged through the mud. For example, Bacardi used International Women’s Day last year to promote a new reduced-alcohol line of vodka called ‘Spa Day Spritz’. Read more.


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Tom Pickard - Modo25
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