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5 to watch this week in digital: Business to robot to consumer, artificial intelligence & customer experience

Technology is reshaping the way we execute our marketing objectives. The customer experience is now hugely reliant on technology, with robots and artificial intelligence anticipated to be a part of brands future digital marketing strategies.

Here’s our 5 to watch this week in digital marketing…

Why thoughtful marketing is important during times of crisis

It’s reported that consumers respond better to personable and informal brands, which has encouraged many businesses to be more ‘human’ in their communications. In the last few months, thoughtful marketing has become more fundamental in connecting with your audience. One brand that has done this particularly well, prior to the lockdown is ecommerce florist, Bloom & Wild. Putting the customer first is an important aspect but Bloom & Wild have reacted naturally to this crisis, as well as national celebration days such as Mother’s Day. They allow their customers to opt out of this type of communications but keep other email subscriptions open to maintain contact. Read more here.

Will we be selling and marketing to robots in the future?

Technology is constantly evolving and is changing the way in which we conduct sales and marketing. With many businesses already utilising artificial intelligence and voice recognition, a future of robots could be a possibility. Forbes have been investigating why CMOs need to start thinking about business to robot to consumer (B2R2C) and how to market not just to people, but to the robots who make decisions for them. We unknowingly interact with robots through chatbots and custom ads on a daily basis but Kim Bates, Chief Futurist at Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve thinks that marketers will need to rethink their digital strategy in the future to include robots. Read more here.

How to improve the customer experience with three marketing intelligence models

Previously, businesses may have used customer intelligence to plan and measure ROI, using data to create action. In today’s competitive climate, businesses need to engage with all three areas of the corporate brain to succeed; customer intelligence, human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence creates a technological advantage and those who don’t implement this into their digital strategy will fall behind. AI can suggest the next best action that a brand can deploy and by using all three together, can deliver the best outcomes. Read more here.

Finding the right balance between technology and human interaction

As more technology becomes available, it’s easy to forget the human element of your communications. A study entitled ‘Customers Are Changing, and So Should Marketing’ highlights senior marketing executives views on how a variety of customer preferences and behaviours, as well as marketing, may evolve. This report addresses the current digital transformation adopted by most companies in order to succeed but recognises that consumers still want human interaction and an enhanced personal experience. Read more here.

SMEs stress the importance of digital advertising during lockdown

There has been a lot of uncertainty for the economy during the COVID-19 crisis and businesses are learning to work in the ‘new normal’ as well as adapting their digital strategies. A report conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has found that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) believe that digital advertising is vital to the future of their business during the pandemic. Their research unearthed that 63% said they felt digital advertising provided a good return on investment, with examples of its effectiveness cited by respondents including its speed, flexibility and ability to reach new customers. Read more here.

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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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