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5 to watch this week in digital: Christmas marketing strategies

Christmas marketing doesn’t stop for anything –  not even a national lockdown. Companies are already driving up their Christmas marketing in hopes that consumers will shop online and, hopefully, in-store again soon.

Here are our five to watch this week in digital.Christmas marketing & shopping 2020

Google shares Christmas search stats

Google has revealed 16 interesting stats on how users are searching in the lead up to Christmas. Some of the key figures include:

  • “best affordable” searces have increased globally by over 60% year-over-year.
  • Searches for “fashion online shopping” are also up by a huge 600% year-over-year.
  • “available near me” searched have grown by more than 100% globally year-over-year.
  • Searches for “curbside pickup” have grown by an astronomical 3,000% globally year-over-year.
  • Searches for “support local businesses” grew most shockingly by over 20,000% since last year.

This clearly shows how consumer behaviour has changed this year and should provide some insight into how companies can approach Christmas marketing this year.


Crafting a winning email campaign for Christmas

Email marketing has never been so important. With a potential Christmas at home, businesses and marketers need to optimise their email campaigns to resonate with customers.

Above all, personalisation is key. That doesn’t just mean using their first name. Your emails should, where possible, trigger messages based on consumers’ multichannel behaviour. This can increase conversions through consumer actions like returning to an abandoned cart, for example.

Marketers should also keep an eye on their recipient list. Removing unknown users can proactively preserve your sender reputation. Mistyped domains should also be stripped out. The remaining recipients should then be targeted with a gradual distribution that slowly increases in volume over time, and not all at once.


Google algorithm disturbance on November 4th

Over the past week, there has been speculation by SEO experts about another Google algorithm update. The search ranking disruptions started on November 3rd and continued until November 5th. However, Google is yet to confirm any changes.


What marketers can learn from the US election

The biggest story to dominate mainstream media last week was the US election. The four-day drama unfolded unlike any other election and continues to do so. While Biden may have won, it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Marketing Week’s JP Castlin takes a look at what the election can teach marketers.

Most notably, he describes the lack of understanding that some marketers have about consumers. While many people assumed that there was no way Trump would get as many votes as last time, his voters were out in their numbers at the polling stations. The key message here is that marketers should never assume they know their customer without first understanding their values.


A significant drop in Google-reported search terms

In September, Google’s change to limit the search queries it reports to advertisers came into effect. A new report from performance agency Tinuiti has found there was a ‘significant drop’ in the share of spend attributed to search queries across ad format and devices. This presents itself as a problem to advertisers as those operating in markets with lower search volumes may now see even fewer query data.


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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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