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5 to watch this week in digital: Google’s new ads features & digital transformation on the rise

According to TechUK, the country has seen “two years of digital transformation happening in the space of two weeks.” Most businesses have had to undergo a digital transformation due to COVID-19 closures and restrictions, which has resulted in a spike in digital jobs advertisements.

As well as this, Google have also announced two new features to their Responsive Search Ads which will help advertisers engage consumers more effectively. Here’s our 5 to watch this week in digital marketing…

Power of programmatic 

The pandemic has thrown most digital marketing campaigns up in the air; budgets are tight and digital space has never been more sought after. As these digital channels become significant in driving engagement with consumers, marketers now need to realise the potential that programmatic advertising has when it comes to building a brand. We’ve seen the industry and consumers in particular change during the pandemic, which means your business needs to adapt its media buying and messaging to stay visible. Read more on this story here.

How the rail industry will push safe travel for the summer

The Prime Minister has recently announced that from August 1, working from home is no longer required, which means that all public transport will be running as normal. In a planned campaign that will run throughout the summer, bosses in the rail industry have hinted at their potential messaging: ‘travel safe this summer’. Andy Bagnall from the Rail Delivery Group said that the campaign will reassure the public to feel confident whilst travelling on a train. Will you be returning to the office and using public transport in August? You can read more here.

Businesses invest in more digital roles as job advertisements rise in July

According to TechUK’s chief executive Antony Walker, business leaders in the UK have said that digital will now be more important to their business, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The BBC has reported that there has been a significant rise in IT job advertisements compared to June and the demand for web designers and developers skyrocketed by 15.5%. TechUK has said that British firms are now realising that a digital transformation is crucial to all parts of the business. Read more here.

What you’re missing on the social media platform, Reddit

Entitled ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit is a network of communities based on people’s interests. An opinion piece on The Drum, explains how Reddit offers space for communication without judgement and shares what you’re potentially missing on the platform. “In testing times like the current climate, Reddit is a vital platform of community, connectivity, and acceptance.” You can read the full story here.

Google introduces two new features to Responsive Search Ads

Google have announced two new features to their Responsive Search Ads to help advertisers with engaging their customer. The first feature is ‘location insertion’, which enables the advertiser to include a placeholder that tells Google to display the city, state or country based on where their potential customer is searching from. Additionally, Google has introduced ‘countdown customizers’ which allows the user to set an end date of their ad, updating it dynamically depending on the time remaining. Read more on these new features here.

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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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