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5 to watch this week in digital: Redefining your data, combining traditional with digital & marketing in unknown territory

As we continue to work from home and adapt to the new normal, brands are becoming reliant on market research and data to make more informed business decisions and to understand the new habits of their customers.

From re-evaluating these datasets to increasing your cybersecurity, here’s our five to watch this week in digital…

Personalising your customer experience using marketing technology

Customers are now expecting a more personalised experience from a brand, but with over 7,000 different marketing technology solutions on the market – it can be difficult to keep up. Research conducted by Accenture has found that 48% of customers have purchased from a competitor if they have had a poorly personalised experience. Forbes have highlighted the three most important questions to ask when it comes to Martech solutions in order to achieve your customer goals.

Redefining your digital data

The current climate has thrown everything up in the air, as businesses can no longer rely on previous assumptions that they may have on their customers to create campaigns. Whilst adjusting to the ‘new normal’, It’s important to regularly assess current datasets on how different industries are performing to make a more informed decision when it comes to your marketing strategy. Focusing on your customer’s decision during the buying process is the key information to understanding your new audience.

Marketing and sales in unknown territory

Marketers have had to react quickly in the lockdown period, to maintain stability and revenue. Marketing Week interviewed the CMO of Moonpig, Kristof Fahy, which has experienced significant demand during this time. He believes that marketing has become a “level playing field” as we’ve never experienced anything like the lockdown before. He explained how their team have alternated their marketing strategy to keep their team and factory running efficiently without becoming overwhelmed.

Why you should integrate digital with traditional marketing strategies

The world of digital is constantly changing, with new technologies emerging at an overwhelming rate. These technologies are designed to make the role of a marketer much simpler, providing data and insight on their audience and competitors. On the other hand, traditional marketing is just as valuable; according to Search Engine Journal, combining traditional strategies with digital marketing is worthwhile for all businesses.

How secure is your business online?

Technology now allows us to conduct all of our work online; however, this means that you could be at risk of fraud and data breaches. Keeping your business and your customer’s safe online means adding a level of protection on your website, email system and social media accounts. Your cybersecurity will impact the trust that your audience has with the business and when handling their data, you can guarantee it’s safe and unattainable.

We understand that this is a difficult time for businesses, so if you would like to chat with our team to see how we can help with your marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch.

Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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