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5 ways to use infographics that will drive results

If you’ve never used infographics – why not?

While it’s true a lot of design work goes into creating a professional infographic, they more than pay off. Infographics are most commonly used alongside press releases or even on their own as a way of getting news coverage and or gaining links.

On the face of it, you may be wondering how beneficial infographics are in terms of ROI – are they worth it and how can you prove they worked?

Here are five ways you can use infographics to drive results.


Press release opportunities 

We mentioned it briefly before, but infographics are an excellent visual aid for press releases. They are particularly useful if your press release is a little ‘dry’.

For example, a waste management company wants to send out a press release with some research they’ve done about food wastage in the home. This might struggle to jump out at a journalist. However, throw in a colourful and visually interesting infographic to illustrate some of your research and this will have far more chance of being featured.

Generally speaking, it’s easiest to use infographics as a form of storytelling for research pieces. However, you can use infographics for many other things such as timelines, comparisons and geographic press releases too.

Use as part of a contest or giveaway 

If you’re hoping for a bigger campaign idea, why not use infographics as part of contests or giveaways?

A lot of brands use ‘hidden messages’ or optical illusion infographics as part of brand awareness campaigns. For instance, a kitchenware company might create an optical illusion with a hidden kettle. Users then have to like the post, follow the page and comment on where in the picture the hidden item is.

This is a common tactic used to gain followers and increase social media presence for relatively low output and budget.


Repurposing parts for paid media 

Considering that high-quality and in-depth infographics often take time and money, you may want to get the most out of them as you can. So, when your infographic campaign is over, you don’t need to file it away and forget about it.

Depending on the style or design of your infographic, you may be able to ‘cut’ it and repurpose the imagery as part of display ads. Similarly, you could also use some of the graphics as part of landing page copy and even run low-CPC (cost-per-click) ad campaigns that feature the infographic. This is a fantastic method for driving brand awareness and leads.


Guest posting 

If you’ve created an infographic as part of a post on your blog, a great way to get some traffic to it is by linking to it in a guest post. Guest posts are the best way to gain backlinks from other relevant and authoritative sites.

If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your infographic, try reaching out to these sites and offering to write an article for which you can then include a backlink to your blog post. This should boost the traffic to your infographic and, hopefully, lead to possible conversions.


Include it in emails and or newsletters 

Another great exposure tactic for your infographic is to include it in your newsletters or as part of an email campaign. If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your site this can be a great way of catching readers eyes and piquing their interest.

If your goal is to increase brand awareness, then an email campaign for your infographic is the best option. Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? Based on that alone, using infographics instead of plain text emails should see your response and or click-through rates noticeably increase.

If you don’t have access to a design team – don’t worry. There are plenty of amazing free tools out there to help you create professional-quality imagery. Here are a few we would recommend:

If you’re looking for advice on creating infographics or how they can best be used as part of your marketing plan, feel free to get in touch. Drop us an email on


Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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