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9 in 10 people globally think it’s important to get business back to normal

In the UK, we’re seeing significant changes to both business and consumer behaviours as we begin to ease lockdown restrictions.

The latest coronavirus update from the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) this time examines how consumers are being impacted and whether their buying and lifestyle habits will continue subsequent to the virus.

This is the fourth instalment of GWI’s multi-market report, conducted in 20 countries at the end of May.

One key outcome found that when it comes to business returning to ‘normal’, such as a day to day marketing, advertising and reopening; 9 out of 10 globally consider this to be important.

Across the 20 countries surveyed, only 12% of consumers disapprove of brands running ‘normal’ advertising and those who do approve has grown consistently since March and April.

These figures highlight that a return to normality is particularly strong in some of the countries that are furthest ahead in the recovery phase and that are starting to emerge from particularly tough lockdowns.

Optimistically, the level of concern surrounding the coronavirus crisis has dropped since April. The lowest levels of concern are in Australia, China and New Zealand – particularly as New Zealand have recorded only 1,504 cases throughout the whole pandemic.

However, some countries in Europe that have been hit the hardest, such as the UK and France have also seen signs of declining concern, this could be due to the recent lockdown easing as we move further into a recovery stage.

GlobalWebIndex has shifted in theme in relation to the issues that were prominent before the outbreak, such as sustainability. The findings from the report appear to have a resounding agreement.

Globally, around 3 in 4 say it will be important that companies behave more sustainably after the pandemic and 7 in 10 feel that there will be increased importance on reducing their personal carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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