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Annual Search Spam Report released by Google 

In this week’s digital news to watch, our Senior Performance Marketing Manager Tom and Senior Performance Marketing Executive Kylie, discuss the annual search spam report, 14 best practices for mobile optimisation, business to human marketing, the first party data activation podcast and manager-account level reporting.

Annual search spam report released by Google 

The annual search spam report released by Google has revealed that SpamBrain (a machine learning-based spam identification system) had taken six times more actions on spam sites in 2021 than in 2020. As a result of this, Google has claimed a reduction in hacked spam by 70% and a reduction in gibberish spam on hosted platforms by 75%. Google has mananged to keep 99% of searches spam-free by using tools such as SpamBrain that recognise suspicious behaviour online.

14 Best Practices for Mobile Optimisation

Mobile Optimisation is highly important in todays digital age, as in 2020, there were over 3.6 billion users who used a smartphone device worldwide but there will be 4.3 billion by 2023. These are the 14 best practices for mobile optimisation;

  • Make sure all content is the same on the desktop and mobile
  • Above The Fold Isn’t Gone Entirely
  • Use a ‘top down’ development approch
  • Don’t Focus Exclusively On The Mobile Consumer
  •  Use Responsive Design Techniques
  • Think ‘Code’ Instead Of ‘Images Everywhere’ To Increase Site Speed
  • Customize WordPress For Mobile
  • Don’t Use Intrusive Interstitials To Sell Your Product
  • Check Your Site On Multiple Operating And Display Systems
  • Follow Mobile Video Best Practices
  • Use Structured Data
  • Don’t Block Supporting Scripts Like JavaScript, CSS, Or Things Like Images
  • Image Compression And Optimization
  • Optimize Overall Page Size

Business to human marketing is on the rise

The rise of artificial intelligence when it comes to marketing has sped up progress in development, however has also begun to run a risk of cutting humans out of the loop. Technology has the ability to scale, respond rapidly and deliver messaging more effectively, but the digital marketing industry musn’t turn a blind eye to human response. This is where the business to human rise has stemmed from, in a human-led digital transformation. CMG have adopted this approach and have claimed a saving of 10% annually in IT resource costs and delivering up to 40% annually on time and budget efficiency through increasing adoption rates. CMG wish to achieve an overall goal of empowering brands to scale their global message to the local level with consistency and pace.

First Party Data Activation – Podcast

This recent podcast which features Brent Ramos, Product Director at Adswerve, and Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker, covers  importance of first-party data and the possibility of losing a lot of the third-party data through cookies on the Chrome browser. Cookies have already been removed in Safari, and Brent and Loren discuss what this means for marketing and sales. This podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Google Ads are rolling out Manager-account level reporting 

All Google ads users will have access to the new manager-account level reporting that is being rolled out by Google. The manager-account level reporting dashboard has a wider overview than its predecessor at individual accounts view. Updastes to the dashboard include options to change the date range, conditional formatting, rich formatting features, and interactive table cards, faster and higher quality downloads, resize cards and layouts dynamically and dashboard cards can now. be created by copying over pre-existing reports. Manager-account level reporting is readily available to all marketers and will save many people time and help uncover issues.

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