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Digital news to watch: Ecommerce slows but retail media grows

It’s a new week which means we’ve rounded up five of the top headlines from digital marketing. Here’s everything you need to know:


Ecommerce slowing but retail media growing

With the Pound and the UK economy currently in free fall you would expect retail to be struggling. However, GroupM are expecting ecommerce to continue to grow into 2027 largely led by the biggest players in the market, Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart. Despite a dip on last year the market generally hasn’t been as slow as many were expecting. In the UK we may see things constrict further heading into a tough winter of trading but signs so far a more positive than negative.


Google outage affects certain ads from delivering

Google’s ad platform suffered a series of issues last week but the most significant was an ad serving issues which saw accounts, ads and keywords all being disapproved with significant drops in spends across all areas. It’s been a week to forget for Google with Google Ad Manager reporting issues continuing from the end of August. Google’s platforms have had a significant changes this year with GA4, Performance Max and Search Ads 360 upgraded bid strategies but it looks like it’s taking Google some time to figure out the reliability of these products.


LinkedIn professionals share marketing tricks

A handful on LinkedIn professionals have been sharing their tops tips for marketing on the platform. Here are just some of the many top tips discussed:

  • Aim for a couple of posts a week
  • Leave links in the comments instead of in the post itself
  • Get the right tone, talk like a human being
  • Encourage coworkers to share and engage with company posts


YouTube paying creators to make short videos to rival TikTok

YouTube is fighting back against TikTok with YouTube shorts and our opinion it has a great chance at doing so. Google’s platforms are much more mature, are easier to measure and have a large bank of popular influencers. Although YouTube shorts doesn’t currently have the brand recognition that TikTok does, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it grow significantly as Google put their full weight behind it.


Tripadvisor uses first-party data to help marketers create more relevant campaigns

Travel giant, Tripadvisor,  has a new in-house creative and content studio that is using the company’s first-party data to allow marketers to create more relevant campaigns. The brand hopes to encourage engagement with high-intent travel audiences on and off of Tripadvisor sites. Some of these paid media features include crafting sponsored brand and editorial content which run on Tripadvisor, influencer marketing, social media campaigns, interactive video and voice-related experiences.


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Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody
Kylie Moody - Modo25
Kylie Moody

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