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How to build an experimentation team effectively in 2022

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) has never been as popular as it is now in 2022. Nonetheless, 68% of small businesses still do not have a documented CRO strategy or dedicated experimentation team to focus on conversion rate and user experience.

Additionally, most SMEs still work by the highest paid persons opinion (HiPPO) so how do you move away from this model, and gain value from a/b testing and experimentation? 

A good experimentation team is built on three core fundamentals; analysis, design and development. All three areas are equally as important in a successful CRO program. What is less important is if this is delivered by the business or an external resource. 

Website analysis

This is the first part of the experimentation process and helps the business to understand what is wrong with the website and where we can improve. This person needs to be able to interpret large amounts of data both quantitative and qualitative. They also must be able to translate their findings into experiments to test on the website. 

Good communication skills and data visualisation is also important when it comes to being a good CRO analyst. 

Design process and planning

Bringing both analysts, business priorities and key stakeholders’ ideas to life is a difficult task but is the day-to-day task for a UX designer. 

A strong connection with your design team and development team can help with a continuous wave of amends, reduce costs and overall build a better website for you from a commercial perspective as well as for your customers. 

Key skills needed to be a CRO designer include being open to feedback, creativity and being happy to work at a fast pace. 

Development and optimisation

The cornerstone of any experimentation team is a strong developer. With a CRO developer typically working in a 3rd party platform such as VWO, Optimizely or Symplify being agile, adaptable and able to solve problems at a fast pace is crucial.

The core skills of being a developer are still required with HTML, CSS & JQuery however having experience with different platforms is also preferable. 

48% of all websites built last year were created in WordPress. With Shopify and WooCommerce also being major platforms in the retail space. Having experience with these platforms prior to becoming a CRO developer can significantly improve your performance. 

A CRO developer needs to be able to bring the experiment to life so being able to work at a fast pace whilst still having a keen eye for detail is massively important.

Copywriting and SEO

Another core team member in experimentation is a copywriter. Content has never been more important, specifically in Google’s eyes with Google viewing great content into translating into happy customers while bad content equalling unhappy users. 

Typically, users only read 28% of all content on the average website visit. Therefore, getting your message across to your customer has never been more important. 

A good content writer needs to be able to engage and captivate your audience as well as being able to alter your tone of voice to each brand that you represent.

They also are required to be confident enough to voice their opinion, have a good understanding of SEO practices, be adaptable and finally, have good grammar and punctuation. 

Modo25’s in-housing offering helps bring your experimentation team to life whether you’re looking for an analyst or a developer, our recruitment team can help interview & screen the right prospect for you. 

Our CRO team integrate all our data capture within the BOSCO™ platform to make it easier for you to understand how to maximise your website’s performance. Get in touch to discuss how you can get the best performance out of your website. 

Luke McDermott  - Modo25
Luke McDermott
Luke McDermott  - Modo25
Luke McDermott

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