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How to reclaim your marketing spend and make more profit

Earlier this month, the Modo25 team exhibited at the Digital City Expo. We were situated right next to the Tech Masterclass stage, where we held a presentation on day one about the dominance of Google and how to take control of your marketing spend to make more profit.

We attracted quite the crowd for our talk on Google spend, our CEO John and Chief Product Officer Darren took to the stage to discuss our innovative inhousing model and to showcase our new marketing technology platform, BOSCO™. In an environment where digital marketing is focusing on those few in-market customers and seeing little return from Google as the business-as-usual activity – these results should be challenged. Are marketers measuring the right metrics and how to invest efficiently to get the best ROI for you or your clients.

John stressed that CPC’s with Google and Facebook are rapidly increasing and around 25% of your marketing spend is wasted – which we believe is going towards Google.

When it comes to planning your digital marketing strategy, each sector of the marketing team will be asking different questions relating to ad spend.

The senior team will be questioning whether they are spending too much money on each digital channel and how to increase profitability on these channels. It’s then up to the digital marketers and specialists to identify which channels will be the most profitable.

This is where BOSCO™ comes into play; our new marketing technology platform has been designed to help businesses make better investment decisions when it comes to their marketing budget.

Through clever machine learning and third-party data, BOSCO™ analyses a customer’s historical data from one channel to benchmark your current investment efficiency.

We want to disrupt the dominance of Google and Facebook, BOSCO™ will identify multiple channels for marketing success within your industry. Diversifying beyond traditional marketing channels to discover missed opportunities in untapped channels, all in real-time.

If you would like more information on BOSCO™, or to request a personalised demonstration, send us an email to

Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper

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