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Marketers need to go back to basics due to the cost of living crisis

In this week’s digital news to watch, our Senior Performance Marketing Manager Tom and Senior Performance Marketing Executive Kylie, discuss the cost of living crisis, Google Ads scripts, Podcast advertising, single page websites and cached JavaScripts.

Marketers need to go back to basics due to the cost of living crisis.

The cost of living crisis is everywhere right now and it’s having an impact across every level of the UK. Where some brands may look to pull back in times of struggle as revenue levels decrease and advertising costs rise, this article highlights the importance of continuing to build a brand even when times are hard. We would echo this point that reducing your marketing down to some lower funnel PPC activity is not going to see many brands come out the other side of this, yet for some, this is the course they will take.

5 reasons to learn how to use Google Ads Scripts.

If you’re not using Google Ads scripts, you probably should be, they’re getting an update this year and could already be saving you hours a week. Even if you can’t code, there are many free and trusted resources for implementing useful scripts in your account. Also learning to code the basics wouldn’t harm employability in the future. We’re a big fan of scripts at Modo25 as they allow us to reach more of the important tasks.

Podcast advertising is generating the highest levels of attention.

For some people, the commute is back on, which means more time for podcasts and music. According to a new study, these types of ads command the greatest attention from listeners. Generally, an untapped prospect for many agencies, running audio ads could be a great new revenue stream.

Will single page websites hurt your SEO ranking?

Single-page websites have become increasingly popular over the past years and typically consist of companies selling one product or companies targeting a very specific niche. Single page websites look great and are easy to build, but will they affect your SEO ranking? Some pros of single page websites include better mobile experience and targeting specific audiences, but cons include limited keyword targeting, the content lacking detail and minimal advanced SEO strategies. The verdict is that single page websites are not as good for SEO as traditional websites, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily affect your ranking. When choosing which website style to use for your business the most important part is making sure it sits in line with your goals.

Cached Javascripts should appear empty confirms Google.

Google’s John Mueller has spoken out about java-script based websites, and how it is normal for them to appear empty in Google’s cached view. Here is what John Mueller had to say:

“Google Search sometimes keeps a copy of the HTML page that was fetched from a server and shows that to users in the form of a cached page. That is, however, really just the HTML page.

For JavaScript-based websites, it gets a little bit complicated here. Because of browser security, there are restrictions on how content can be accessed from a page.

For example, if a page needs a JavaScript file from your server, browsers may block that request when it comes from other websites. In our case, the other website would be Google’s cache.

In practice, this means JavaScript-based websites often show an empty or an incomplete page when they’re shown from Google’s cache. This is normal and not a sign of a problem.”

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