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The beginning of the end of fossil fuels

In this weeks digital news to watch, our Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Tom, and Senior Performance Marketing Executive, Kylie, discuss the beginning of the end of the use of fossil fuels, Google’s new features, and why vanity metrics on social media are a thing of the past.

The beginning of the end of the use of fossil fuels

The clean creatives group made of 400 creatives and 153 agencies has agreed to cut ties with clients who deal within fossil fuels. As many businesses begin to see the reputational risks of working with world polluting brands, this movement has taken aim at brands like Exxon and BP.

With aim of taking on more creatives and agencies this year, these brands are likely to feel the squeeze over time and eventually be held accountable for their actions.

New budget report launches by Google ads help forecast monthly expenditure

Google Ads has launched a new report that helps forecast spend for the month. This also takes into account any changes you’ve made during the month and can help show the impact of these moving forwards.

This will be a big help for brands that plan out spend on a monthly basis and need to understand the impact of in-week budget changes. It also shows how close you are to your daily spending limit so if costs are creeping up but your budgets haven’t you can rectify this in time.

Why you shouldn’t worry about vanity metrics on social media

This opinion piece discusses the effectiveness of social media campaigns and overall pointlessness of vanity metrics such as engagement. Discussing how many large brands still focus conversion and clickthrough rates, whereas the real wins could be happening when you provide something of value to your community.  These posts can have significant uplift across other channels for the brand and chucking out a few conversion focused campaigns isn’t going to cut it in the future.

Google adds more detail to Error report in Search Console

Google announced last week via Twitter they were adding more detail to the Rich Results error reports in Search Console to help with resolving the issues they identify.

It is not that Google are reporting on more types of errors, but providing more information for those errors they already check for. Specifically,

  • Invalid attribute string length
  • Invalid attribute enum value
  • Invalid object
  • Type conversion failed
  • Out of numeric value

If you’ve previously seen these errors in your Search Console reports before, we recommend re-checking to see if the new details can help you fix them.

Google adds new eco-friendly search filters

With the current shift towards eco-friendly consciousness in all aspects of life, Google are keeping up with this trend by adding new filters to their searches, allowing users to find the most eco-friendly options for travel and appliances that are typically bad for the environment.

  • Google Flights will now show information about carbon emissions in the SERPs, next to the price and duration of the flight.
  • Google Shopping will now display information for appliances, such as dishwashers and water heaters, to indicate which are the most sustainable, given their high consumption of energy.
  • A change is also being rolled out in Maps to show the most fuel-efficient route to your destination as well as the fastest, to provide a choice, but this is only available in the US for now.

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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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