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Why you should start looking for a new job before the new year  

As the end of the year approaches, it often brings about some time for reflection and future planning. If you’ve been contemplating a change in your career journey, now might be the perfect time to begin your job search. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into all the reasons why considering a new job before the new year can be advantageous. From reduced competition and faster hiring processes to setting career goals for the upcoming year, let’s explore the many benefits of starting your job search now.  

Read on to discover how starting the process before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve could set the stage for a promising career move in the coming months. 

Reduced competition 

Starting your job search before the new year can be a smart move as there’s usually less competition during the holiday season. Many people take a break from looking for jobs to enjoy the holidays, spend time with family or go abroad. With fewer people applying for positions, employers will likely have more time to pay attention to your application. 

By kicking off your job search early, you’re essentially positioning yourself in a less crowded field, increasing the chances of taking up great opportunities that may otherwise slip by during the busier recruitment periods. So, beat the rush, stand out, and make the most of the reduced competition that you’re unlikely to get any other time of the year.  

Faster hiring processes 

Starting your job search before the new year not only helps you stand out but also often leads to quicker hiring decisions. Many companies try to wrap up their recruitment before the year ends, making way for a fresh start in the upcoming year.  

Since there are fewer people applying for jobs during the holidays, the hiring process tends to move faster. That means you might get quicker responses, faster interviews, and a smoother journey from applying to getting an offer. 

Strategic planning time 

Job hunting pre-new year enables you to plan strategically. During the holiday season, momentum tends to slow down a bit in many industries, which gives you time to think about your career goals and create a plan for finding the right job.  

You can use this time to figure out your skills, what you enjoy doing, and what you want in a job. By taking a moment to plan early on, you set yourself up to search for jobs with a clear idea of what you’re looking for, making it more likely that you’ll make the right career decision for you. 

Networking opportunities 

As much as starting early gives you a head start; it also means more chances to connect and network with people. During holiday events, people are usually more social and open to networking.  

You can use this time to meet and talk with professionals in your field, whether it’s at parties, industry gatherings, or even just reaching out on LinkedIn – or other social media channels – for a chat. Making connections during the holidays could be a great help in your job search. 

Beating the New Year job market rush

You are more than likely getting ahead of the crowd before things get busy in January. Lots of people decide to look for new jobs as part of their New Year’s resolutions, which means more competition. By starting early, you can avoid the rush and have a better chance of standing out to employers, as it shows them that you’re proactive and ready to go.  

So, instead of dealing with the job market when it’s super busy in January, you can get a head start and find great opportunities by starting your job search before the new year begins. 

Did you know that we recruit? If you’d like to find out more about our recruitment services or simply want some advice, feel free to get in touch with our expert recruitment team and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

Sara Smith - Modo25
Sara Smith
Sara Smith - Modo25
Sara Smith

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