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5 to watch in digital: objections to junk food ad ban & Google’s Privacy Sandbox and Black Friday approaches

Lockdowns mean that people continue to increase watching and buying online. Black Friday can only be bigger than ever this year. Google’s Sandbox faces oppositions from marketers and brands including Britvic, Kellogg’s and Mars object to the proposed ban of online junk food advertising. Facebook apologises to Australian businesses for errors in data tracking.

Calls for Google’s Privacy Sandbox to be halted 

The Marketers for an Open Web (MOW) have written to the CMA asking them to look into and stop Google’s latest “Privacy Sandbox” plan. If you haven’t heard of this then don’t be surprised, it came in off the back of Google’s announcement that they were killing off 3rd party cookies. Instead they would be replaced by the “Privacy Sandbox”, an API built by Google that all advertising platforms would run from, in place of cookies. Data would be collected by the API and passed back to advertisers so they can judge performance.

If you think Google dominate online advertising now, just wait until they launch “Privacy Sandbox”. 

The mutual benefits of aligning digital marketing with TV advertising 

With people spending more time inside than ever before, the battle to appear on people’s screens is ramping up. Netflix reported an uplift in viewing of 120% between February and April. In this report the data shows the aligning all your digital marketing with your TV advertising can be complimentary for both channels. 

Facebook apologies for providing Australian advertisers with misleading data 

Facebook recently told Australian advertisers that some of the data supplied over the last year could be incorrect. This highlights the importance of having a unified tracking method for your advertising data and not relying on the first party tracking solutions. 

Brands hit back at proposed ban for online junk food ads 

A few weeks ago, the UK announced that junk food ads would be banned from advertising on the internet. This week, the first push back from the industry has appeared, with Britvic, Kellogg’s and Mars writing to the Government arguing that the ban is disproportionate. Whatever happens regarding the ban, it won’t come into place until 2022. 

Black Friday offers start earlier for more retailers

Black Friday this year will be nearly totally fought online, with the majority of shops closed during lockdown the battle for your attention is ramping up. A third of Britons are expected to do their gift shopping online, with an estimated increase of 35-45% in Black Friday week sales alone. Expect to see inflated CPCs and CPMs as competition continues to grow throughout the week.  

Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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