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Digital news to watch: Netflix Ads are coming & Google Ads updates

Looking for your digital marketing news fix? Here are this week’s headlines to keep an eye on from our PPC and SEO gurus Tom and Kylie:

Digital marketing expertise is the most in-demand skill

New data from LinkedIn shows that digital marketing is the number one skill listed by marketers on their LinkedIn profile with a 67% increase in tech skills and a 32% decrease in creative skills over the last five years. Marketers are now expected to have a wider range of skills rather than specifics. For example, SEO is now the third most listed skill in 2022, and in 2015 it didn’t even rank. Areas such as content and Google Analytics also now make the list as tracking results across marketing becomes more important than ever.

Google clarifies indexing and crawl budget

Google have released a podcast discussing what crawl budget actually means and how that, and what else influences Google to index content. Crawl budget is actually a made-up concept, created by the wider Search Community, rather than Google themselves. Google clarified that there isn’t one specific thing that determines what is crawled and indexed by Google, but rather a combination of different metrics, such as the maximum number of URLs the server allows Google to crawl without overloading the server and the usefulness of the content.

Ads on Netflix are coming soon

Netflix ads are coming sooner than we expected. For end users, this may mean cheaper subscription prices at the cost of having ads. For advertisers this is going to look like a reasonably expensive platform, prices look set to start at $20m for a one-year commitment with no choice on specific shows.  CPMs are set to start at $60 but could reach up to $80. Ads will either be 30 or 60 seconds, and there will be no 3rd party measurement at launch, reporting only on impressions. These prices and CPMs are going to exclude all but large businesses looking to get involved straight away but we may see reduced tiers over the next few years.

What’s happened to the Google Helpful Content Update?

The rollout of the Helpful Content Update has, so far, not seemed to live up to the Search community’s expectations. SEOs have been tweeting about sites they expected to see a drop, not doing so and vice versa. But, Google has reminded everyone that the update is not a one-time rollout and is instead part of a continued effort to improve search results for users. The update is expected to finish next week so we’d still recommend keeping an eye out.

Google Ads enables custom conversion values for store visits

A long-awaited feature for local ads (and now Performance Max users) is custom conversion values for store sales and visits. This can be set at a campaign level allowing for unique targets depending on the value of products sold in-store. Alongside this, there will be custom rules for audiences or geographic locations so users can be bucketed up into different values for a store visit.

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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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