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Meet our new team members; Kylie & Rebekah

As part of our continued growth, we’ve welcomed two new members to the Modo25 family. Kylie Moody joins us as Performance Marketing Executive to help out on SEO technical work and development for our clients. Also joining us is Rebekah Waller, our new Performance Marketing Manager. She’s there to support our clients on their PPC campaigns and offer best practice advice and guidance.

Both Kylie and Rebekah have come from digital marketing backgrounds. So, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about helping clients achieve their targets!

We put some questions to both of them to find out more about their experience as well a little bit about themselves outside of work.

What made you want to become part of the Modo25 family?

Rebekah: The people – 100%. The interview process with Abi, Dan & John was hard to beat. The openness, friendliness and honesty from start to finish was impeccable; and something which stood out so strongly to me.

People and culture were one of my top priorities when looking for my next opportunity. So, for each of them to be able to convey that level of humble passion, humour and openness over Zoom, in the middle of a pandemic, made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease.

“I want to create the job I never had” was one of the quotes from John on our final call, and that’s stuck with me.

Kylie: The different ways of working were what attracted me to Modo25. The focus on inhousing and training, as well as the core digital marketing services all sounded amazing.

Also, the opportunity to join a team with so much experience behind them at such an early stage in my career. I’ve got lots to learn and I feel like Modo25 will be the perfect place for it. And, I won’t deny it any longer, the four-day week did catch my eye.

What is your background in terms of digital marketing?

Rebekah: I started working in digital marketing in 2015 following graduation and a five-month teaching placement in Thailand.

Since then, I’ve developed my career over the last five years to specialise within paid search. I’ve worked with a range of clients across several sectors from fast fashion to luxury leathers, banking, finance, entertainment and universities.

My experiences have involved hands-on account management and activation, forecasting, strategy planning and pitching. This can range from re-structuring an entire account for optimisation and ROAS, writing ad copy, updating bids and managing budgets.

Plus, I also worked on implementing bid strategies, auditing accounts, spotting new opportunities and developing strategies for upcoming clients and projects.

Kylie: After studying marketing at university, I started as an intern in a small digital agency focused on conversion rate optimisation and Google Analytics auditing.

This was where I got an introduction to data, analytics and tracking which helped me pick up SEO quickly as I moved to another agency closer to home in Leeds.

Since then I’ve been learning all the different parts of SEO including the technical, link building and content creation elements across a range of clients and industries.

How is Modo25 different to places you’ve worked before?

Rebekah: Modo25 are smaller than digital companies I’ve worked for before. With this, I feel, comes higher levels of flexibility, trust, honesty and transparency.

Having worked for three agencies across the north of England; there’s undoubtedly a level of passion and vision projected across all levels of the business. This isn’t something I’ve really experienced from agencies but is something I feel is really important in terms of clear communication from the top down.

Modo25 are extremely flexible with working; which emphasises openness and trust amongst everybody. When it comes to  ‘working from home’, I think agencies have sometimes frowned upon this way of working. Modo25 really embrace it; which does make you feel empowered and trusted.

I’ve also never had a four-day working week; something which is obviously a game-changer and can’t go unmentioned.

Kylie: It was quite strange to start a new job from home, which was partly due to the pandemic, but it seems the norm for Modo25 with colleagues working all over the world. The flexibility is nice, to have a choice of working remotely or in the office.

From day one I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with clients directly which in a larger, more conventional agency, is sometimes left to the more senior staff. This is an area I’m really keen to get involved with.

What are you looking forward to in terms of your future at Modo25? 

Rebekah: Not only am I keen to get stuck into some paid search and social account management, but I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about other paid channels. In particular, affiliates and programmatic display. This will help me to develop my own skillset as well as help team members on upcoming projects.

I’m also excited to hear more about Bosco and be a part of this innovative launch come September.

Kylie: I’m really excited about Modo25 moving forward. Especially after learning all about the original vision and roots of the business in my first week.

I’m looking forward to growing with the business and hope to get involved in the tech and training, as well as the account management, side of the business. I’m always intrigued to learn new things.

How would you describe your job to a 10-year-old?

Rebekah: Picture this: you’re browsing ASOS for the fourth day in a row, added a million things to your basket but not bought anything. Then, you keep seeing those items all over Instagram. Well, that’s me, reminding you to buy them.

Kylie: I make websites show up on Google every time you ‘Google it’. That’s how I described my new job to my grandma anyway.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Rebekah: I’m really into my health and fitness. So, if I’m not drinking prosecco, you’ll probably find me at the gym. I’ve also turned extremely zen during the lockdown and do Yoga (almost) every evening; can’t wait to join some real-life yoga classes.

Kylie: I’m normally out and about with my family or friends, going out for meals or shopping. I love to keep fit on my bike or by walking – when the weather’s nice. I do also love a good Netflix binge when I find a good series.

Decision time: tea or coffee?

Rebekah: The ideal day: Black coffee, oat milk flat white, Espresso martini – am I wrong? (if it’s tea, it’s got to be Yorkshire though).

Kylie: Tea – it’s much better to dip biscuits in.

We are always interested to hear from bright, ambitious people who are interested in joining our growing team. Get in touch by sending us an email to

Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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