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We’re pleased to announce our new advisory board

Our first-year anniversary is coming up and with that in mind, we’re proud to reveal our new advisory board.

The Modo25 advisory board is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. Their advice and suggestions will help to shape Modo25 and our technology platform, Bosco.

Introducing our advisory board members

Bonamy Grimes, our investor and Director, will be making up a part of the advisory board. Bonamy co-founded Skyscanner and grew the brand to become one of the largest independent travel search companies in the world.

Both Bonamy and our CEO, John Readman, are committed to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. They both support the 1moreChild charity. We’re looking forward to his contributions on the board.

Another Modo25 family member to become part of the board is Martin Spiller. Currently our Non-Executive Chief Financial Officer, Martin is also Director of IT company Systemmagic. As a chartered accountant and qualified barrister-at-law, Martin has a wealth of entrepreneurial and business knowledge to share.

Also joining the board is Martin Ellis. Martin is the Founder and Chair of the Medicom group – a global medical equipment supplier. He is also the Non-Executive Chair of HAVAS Health. His background in business will provide Modo25 with unparalleled guidance.

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with The Drum, a recognised B2B media company, we are welcoming Diane Young to the board. Diane is the co-founder of The Drum. The Drum is a service supporting marketers, new outlets and media influencers alike. Her expertise will be invaluable to the expansion of Modo25.

For the past 12 years, Darko Atijas has worked in business development, sales and marketing. He has invested and supported several high-profile software businesses. We are incredibly excited to have him as part of the board. Even more so as we launch our new machine learning technology, Bosco.

Keith Basnett is the final member of the Modo25 board. Currently the Group Chief Operating Officer at the BuyIt Direct Group, Keith is responsible for all aspects of group operations and commercial management. With indispensable industry expertise, we look forward to Keith’s input.

Modo25 and the advisory board going forwards

We can’t wait to see how our highly experienced board members will help to further develop the vision and purpose of Modo25.

With a continuing recruitment drive, we are always on the lookout for intelligent and hardworking colleagues. This is especially true as we near the launch of our new technology platform, Bosco.

The advisory board will undeniably be able to help guide and shape the future of Modo25. With regular meetings and updates, we hope to be seeing a lot of our new family members.

We will update our News & Insights page as and when we have news on our advisory board. For now, we’re ecstatic to make this newest announcement in the Modo25 movement.

For more information on our advisory board members or to discuss how we can help with your digital strategy, feel free to get in touch by sending us an email to

Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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