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Modo25 has been named a Google Premier Partner 2024

Modo25 is very proud to announce that we have been named a 2024 Google Premier Partner. This means that we’ve achieved the highest tier in the Google Partners Program, highlighting our leadership in the digital marketing arena and our team’s skills and expertise in Google Ads.

What does Google Premier Partner status mean?

  • Modo25 is one of the top 3% of Google Partners in the UK. This is a sign of our expertise in Google Ads and our ability to support our clients’ growth and success.
  • We’re listed on the Google Partners directory. This helps potential clients find top Premier Partners like Modo25 here.
  • We receive exclusive benefits that promote our clients’ growth and success with Google Ads. This includes strategic support from the Google Ads team to ensure we are getting the most out of the platform. It also includes invites to specific Google events.

CEO John Readman says:  “We’re very pleased to have been named a Google Premier Partner, and this makes us the world’s first in-housing agency to achieve this status”.

Director of Agency at Modo25 Dan Akers says: “This achievement underscores our team’s expert capabilities in Google Ads management and digital strategy. It also shows our commitment to achieving digital marketing success for all our clients. It’s no surprise that we’re in the top 3% of agencies in the Google Partners Program in the UK.”

Tom Pickard, Head of Paid Search at Modo25 added: “Being awarded the prestigious 2024 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners program signifies Modo25’s expertise and knowledge in Google Ads.  Alongside this, it shows our dedication to delivering the best for our clients and taking them on an in-housing journey.  The achievement is a testament to the team’s commitment to delivering high-impact results for our clients. Aside from demonstrating our industry-leading standard it also allows us to access several additional benefits and services that will further bolster our clients’ success with Google Ads.”

How we became a Google Premier Partner

To become a Premier Partner, Modo25 had to meet an extensive set of requirements, these requirements include:

  • Team members who are certified in Google Ads and pass new assessments annually.
  • A designated spending requirement across managed accounts.
  • Delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth, maintaining and growing customer our base, and continuously outperforming the competition.

Advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner

There are numerous benefits to working with Modo25, a Google Premier Partner, including:

1. We will help you to maximise your ROI: 

To achieve our Google Premier Partner status, we have to consistently achieve high levels of success for our clients.  This accolade therefore shows that we can deliver exceptional results to enhance your digital success and ROI.

2. Priority Access to Beta Features from Google:

Google allows us to access new features before they launch them to the wider market.  By working with Modo25, you will have access to those Beta features too, which can help you to outperform your competitors.

3. We’ve been trained by Google to use Google!

Our relationship with Google means that we are constantly trained on best practices. Also, Google notifies us of any major changes to their algorithm before launching to the public, so we keep you ahead of the game.

4. We can get access to Google representatives quickly and easily

Our Premier Partner status means that if there is ever an issue with your Google Account, we can easily get hold of a Google representative to sort the issue out promptly.

Side note:  We know there is more to life than just Google!

While attaining Google Premier Partner status is a testament to Modo25’s commitment to excellence, we understand that effective marketing strategies extend beyond the Google platform.  Our team of in-housing specialists, digital strategists, PPC, Affiliate, SEO and CRO specialists always ensure the optimal allocation of your marketing budget across various channels, be it Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon ads or elsewhere. Our team also leverage our proprietary AI reporting and forecasting platform ASK BOSCO®. This ensures that your resources are directed into the platforms that give you the highest returns, maximising your overall marketing impact and driving the highest ROI and growth for your business.

Want to work with a Google Premier Partner? Let’s have a chat!

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