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My time at Modo25 so far as a Junior Data Analyst

We recently welcomed our new starter Charlie White to Modo25 as a Junior Data Analyst, Charlie’s first few weeks with the company have been nothing short of exciting, and he’s already made a great impression on his colleagues. He shared his experience so far.

I started my first day at Modo25 differently than usual. The team kindly invited me out to their monthly social event, which happened to be a wine tasting this month. The event featured an amazing selection of wines, delicious Italian food, and a lovely group of people – a great way to get aquatinted with my new colleagues.

To my surprise, on my first official day, our CEO John had planned a lunch for me at an amazing Indian restaurant called Bundobust – if you’re ever in Leeds, I would highly recommend this place.

John shared with me his vision for the BOSCO™ platform and spoke about the core values of Modo25 – some of these include a happy work life balance of a 4-day week, team collaboration and a transparency to clients regarding their data and results. He also gave me an amazing book called ‘Eat That Frog.’

The idea behind this book is that you identify one challenging task (the frog) and complete the task first thing in the morning (eating it). To put it simply, eating the frog is the process of identifying your most difficult task of the day and completing it before you do any other work.

During my first few weeks, I’ve been taking the time to get to know every department and what each team member does. I also had the chance to learn a bit about what I will be doing here at Modo25 as a Junior Data Analyst.

My role will involve cleaning and manipulating data from various digital platforms and channels, maintaining and enhancing our client reporting and forecasting platform, BOSCO™ Connect. I will also be providing technical data support to the Modo25 agency team and establishing and maintaining data tracking for various clients.

I’ve gotten to understand how the business data pipeline runs and a deeper look into Google Big Query, Looker Studio and Google Analytics 4, which will be taking over Universal Analytics. This has provided me with a greater understanding of where I will fit into the team and helped me settle into the company quicker.

I’m really excited to get stuck into my work and all things data. I’m super grateful for this opportunity to work for such a flexible and dynamic company, and I hope I can help contribute to the success of Modo25 and BOSCO™.

Charlie White - Modo25
Charlie White
Charlie White - Modo25
Charlie White

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